Xbox is Growing, Profitable, and Even Bigger in 2021

January 4, 2021 11 Views

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  1. No dude Microsoft inflated sales and they are low and no there isnt amount of power on the S. Got Huge bottlenecks already having Huge problems to run at 1080p crossgen games. Google it before talking. Its games after games. Tons of games droping to 720p to reach 60 frames. Its Just to slow the RAM and bandwith. Thats why it cant run one x upgrades. The series x is a much, much better choice. They should Just went with a series x digital and droped this weak console. Its also a Huge problem for 3rd party because they are force to make another version….

  2. I managed to get my hands on a series S console and absolutely love it, after upgrading from the xbox one S.. The only issue i have had with it, is the "quick resume" feature…. Im not sure if ALL games require you to sign in before playing, but the games i play do! Prominence poker being one of these games, so if i play poker (sign in with gamertag then play) then switch to another game (sign in and play) then at the end of the nite i will shut down my xbox and go to bed. I switch my xbox on the following day and start playing poker – the quick resume works as intended, but within 5 minutes of playing poker, i get booted from the game and need to do a new reload of the game and sign in again! this happens every time and with every game. Its not a BIG problem as now i have learned to exit each game completely and load the next game from scratch which makes the "quick resume" feature worthless! as i said its not a big deal due to how fast these games are now loading on the series S but i do feel the feature needs looked into (and yes i am part of the insider program). a couple of my friends who also managed to get new consoles also have this issue so i know im not the only one… Anyone else experiencing this issue? Its not a deal breaker for me as i would never go back to my old console and i know microsoft will fix this issue, just a shame it doesnt work 100%.
    Keep up the great work =)

  3. When it comes to modding, yeah, Minecraft and Flight Sim are big, but another game that is big on modding is the Farming Simulator franchise, and one of the biggest console problems with these games is the very limited allocated HDD space for mods, leaving you to constantely have to uninstall mods in order to make space for new ones, when you would really like to be able to use both, especially when it comes to maps. I hope Microsoft removes that limit or at least increases it.

  4. Why is everyone so impressed by quick resume? How often are you switching between games? Only real reason I can see this being useful is if you’re waiting unreasonably long times in lobbies for games and wanna play something while you wait. Even then, I don’t see how switching instantly can make the Xbox worth it when it’s just shaving off 10–12 seconds it takes to boot the game up from scratch

  5. MS and Sony for that matter need to produce efficiently, however neither need to cut corners to push out more units quicker. Neither need to sacrifice quality for quantity. Happy new year mr brad sams and thanks for the updates

  6. Xbox is in a great position. The Series S and X are pretty much sold Out everywhere, Game Pass is growing nicely and Microsoft are positioned well for game streaming. If anyone can get it right, it’s Xbox with xCloud, as they have the first party library to back it up.

  7. No Spencer, Xbox seriously messed up, they snubbed their nose to all their loyal customers, all the people who've been paying hundreds of dollars to their subscription fees are left going "I can't even get the Xbox and I really want it" they should have been the first ones in line. Huge promotional opportunity lost and damage done, long-time subscription holders should have been given it at the right price and at the right time. Such a move would have been large for the community. Instead a huge portion of loyal consumers are left disgruntled with lower quality gameplay, and are seeking other outlets.

  8. Getting less excited for the Se.X so long as games keep getting released unfinished full of bugs. CP77 is a huge example and I can’t stand Valhalla anymore now that I’m stuck with the black and white drunk bug that every update makes worse. Maybe I’ll get one in 2022 or later at this rate.

  9. Hah not after huge blunder they just did by trying raise prices on Xbox gold pass. Then huge backlash by gamers. MS has such a shady past, so many ppl do not know about. Ms/windows has VERY shady and dark past, and this recent blunder is proof they DO NOT care about customer/gamers or windows. They only care about $$$. Hell ms does not even trust their OWN os. They use LINUX for cloud and servers. (Google it yourself)

    How many do you know that MS Baugh out Q-Dos for like $15,000 then turned around and re sold it as MS-Dos and rest is history. If that was done in today times. There would been HUGE lawsuit.

    Loved Xbox 360 days. Hate current direction ms is going, along with bully push of their Bloated OS. Ms imo is worst then any other big name companies now. The proof is then trying over charge Xbox gold. They knew it cause huge backlash.