Sunday Politics | 17/01/2021

January 17, 2021 9 Views

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  1. In Borno and Yobe and many other states, COVID does not make sense to government and the generality of the people, whether in school, markets, worship centres in all the cities or local government. Only banks and few standard private parastatals insist on wearing masks, many times without water or sanitisers (Covid stress or fatigue), but when many get into the banking hall, the masks are at half-faced or made a neck lace. As a matter of fact, many of the Bank workers counting money & attending to customers have no masks put on.
    The truth the Covid non-compliance is worst in some states than others.

  2. The governor should not go to Abuja . Let the Presidency come to Ondo State, after all Akeredolu is the chief Security offer of his State,Garuba should not dictate to the Governor.
    First and foremost,who brought herdsmen to the forest,if they can't live in the towns , they should leave our domains.
    What are you expecting from Garuba, no brain.