Xbox Series X RDNA 2 & DX12 Features Still To Be Used in Next Gen Games – Xbox Series X Specs

January 22, 2021 39 Views

Xbox Series X RDNA 2 & DX12 Features Still To Be Used in Next Gen Games – Xbox Series X Specs
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  1. The xbox series X/S will definitely be the leaders of this console generation with the Games , power, speed and unique performance enhancement technologies, the time has come for xbox too Rise above an go beyond what was possible before

  2. Madz this again? Velocity architecture is inferior to ps5 I/O Complex as for VRS will be implemented on ps5 as for the rest there are still cross gen games still so we need to give devs the space to use them to see how much performance gains does it really gain so will ?.

  3. Sony for now have the best game, but xbox is the best machine so far, and have so good service, also I LOVE that xbox supports 1440p 120 hz, I hope it will be a great generation for Microsoft, but we need new AAA exclusive game…

  4. This is how i see it

    Hitman 3
    Xbsx 4k 60fps ?
    Ps5 1800p 60fps ?

    Assassins creed valhalla
    Xbsx 1180p 60fps ?
    Ps5 1368p 50fps screen tearing ?

    Cyberpunk 2077
    Xbsx higher settings more npcs 1800p 60fps ?
    Ps5 lower settings less npcs 1200p 60fps ?

    Dirt 5
    Xbsx 120fps ?
    Ps5 90fps ?

    Xbsx has more games running 120fps ?
    Ps5 has trouble with 60fps ?

    Whomp whomp whomp ?????

  5. Be very excited about ML. If it's anywhere near like what DLSS 2.0 can achieve, then you're in for a treat. DLSS 2.0 allows me to run Cyberpunk at its very highest settings (Psycho) for ray traced shadows, reflections and lighting. If I disable DLSS 2.0, the frame rate takes a severe nosedive. It is such an impressive feature it's attracted me to buying games that support it. Control is another great example and I look forward to seeing how that games next gen update will look on the new consoles.

  6. Velocity Architecture will be utilised in 2024/5 where as PS will release a mid gen refresh console..

    Velocity Architecture is Xbox's mid gen refresh SX/S are designed to last the whole generation no new console will be released from Xbox.

  7. Hitman 3 just got me thinking, are we seeing the GDK mode for developing on both consoles at work because the Series S seems to be running into the same issue as the Series X in terms of the frame rate drop?