Cyberpunk 2077 – PS5 vs Xbox Series X Backwards Compatibility Frame Rate Test

December 13, 2020 13 Views

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  1. It’s truly shocking. If you want CDPR to become the next EA, Bethesda, or worse, let them get away with this. They buried the truth, prevented reviews and LIED, saying it worked, “surprisingly good.” It’s actually surprisingly bad on current gen. No one insisted that it had to be for PS4 or XBox1? THEY told us to go buy it, and then hoped to get away with murder. Total rip-off! Shame on CDPR!

  2. Am I the only one who experiences massive frame drops on PS5? Especially in the city where NPC’s are. I don’t understand how all these channels are saying it’s an almost always locked fps? My experience was that it was all over the place, felt super laggy when frames dropped and it was noticeable, even after the most recent update

  3. The series x is not more efficient on paper it has more power but only with tflops (marketing term that means very little) and cpu clock with smt off (which no one would do, with smt on its 3.6ghz). The ps5 is a much more efficient console than the series x.