What you need to know about serious COVID-19 vaccine side effects

December 22, 2020 19 Views

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  1. The Patent of the COVid test kit is held by Richard A. Rothchild date's in 2020, was filed 10/13/2015
    it is call US202079585(A1) also covid stands for Certification of Vaccine Identification
    Wake up America

  2. very misleading figures. The figures are for people who have tested positive from PCR test, which is nearly every one, as testing positive DOES NOT mean they have the COVID VIRUS, and the deaths are for people who have tested positive WITHIN 28 days, yes testing dead people for COVID. People are having serious side effects to these Vaccines that will create Genetically Modified Humans, propertiy of BIG PHARMA.

  3. This CONvid hoax is HUGE! They are hoping they have dumbed the populace down enough to accept lies!
    Here are several facts and figures that should open eyes for all but the most extreme of mindless follower sheeple, for instance:
    Were you aware that this said "deadly virus" has never been isolated nor envisioned, NOT ONCE!?
    Did you know this supposed virus ( we must suppose it is a virus because it has never been seen!) does not meet a single of Koch's Postulates, NOT ONE!?
    Have you had the chance to read the CDC release that states there could be up to a 90% discrepancy in the numbers due to the fact that government monies are offered for a virus diagnosis?
    The WHO stated the recovery rate for this "deadly virus" is between 98.3%-99.8%, making it even less deadly than the common every year influenza?
    Folks, it is undeniable that this SCAM-PLAN-demic is not about a "deadly virus", it's about their vaccines!
    Funny thing about the vaccines are they are a revolutionary new type referred to as mRNA, and as a new technology there can be no statement as to long-term effects or injury!
    The vaccine manufacturers KNEW there would be adverse reactions in a LARGE number of the recipients, so they have been released from all liabilities of effects and injuries!
    The governments that are requiring these vaccines are the same ones that have never cared about your health before, why would they care now?
    Last but certainly not least is the sad truth that these vaccines have been produced by the ego maniacal technocrats that have publicly stated that a 15% reduction in world population would be realized with a "good job" done using vaccines!
    Folks, the reason a mousetrap works so well is because the mice never question why the cheese is free!

  4. So the death rate in the US is only 0.0177% of those "testing positive" for the Covid Bug. This hardly sounds like a justified reason to shut down the whole world!?!? More like a scamdemic to usher in the "Great Reset" (WEF).

  5. This is all b.s you want to know why you would ache all over and have a fever???!!!!! There is a street terminology for that and its (trash fever) I've witnessed it first hand because my uncle was an addict who shot up dope and multiple times I witnessed him go through it he described is as hurting everywhere muscles his whole body aching for hours and a fever that goes away in about a day and that's from getting the tiniest spec of trash in the syringe when he drew it up. Point being there is something else in the vaccine we will not be aware of and I wouldn't trust putting anything that hasn't gone through extensive trials into my body to fight a virus they cant even test people for accurately that is where so many people are turning into sheep and not thinking about what they are doing I've had the virus I've quarantined just as I was supposed to I've got multiple family members test positive one more than 1 time and we've all been responsible about it and self quarantined and not one has even been close to being hospitalized for it if you ask me it's not even as bad as the flu and people need to wake up as to what's going on around them and dont believe the media because if you cant see how their stance on everything changes day by day and if you remember in the beginning them playing video from other countries lying saying it was in the u.s more than 1 time… WAKE UP AMERICA!!!!!!

  6. Those vaccines have NEVER been classed as safe for humans ..its a lie and the most dangerous experiment on humans ever in the history of Earth. They are not called vaccines by the makers called gene therapy !!!!!!!!!

  7. Swamp at their best!
    Do not take any vaccine, this SOBs want you sick for life!!
    Vaccines are a crime against humanity — all involved are criminals, from pseudoscience whores, to politicians and parents.
    All vaccines attempt to do, is to stop a symptom– what is stupid in itself and not address what causes the problem. By covering/ignoring the symptom, the problem — mostly a weak immune system due to a bad diet, will escalate and manifest itself somewhere else and affect you for life, by ingesting poison/junk in the process you're guaranteed to be real sick for life — if it doesn't kill you, or screw you up badly– look up what the criminal Gates did in India. All great for their business scam and they know it….Their motto: LONG LIFE, LITTLE HEALTH!
    Time to eat smart — it's not about taste, or a sport, it's about giving your body what it needs — a strong immune system needs no medicine, time to have the parasites get a real job…Only complicated if you're lazy and dumb — smart race my ass!!

  8. I don't believe if there is a vaccine available at all, Othna released an application to us, to sign in and we did, I'm 75 years old, and was fooled with this application since begin of January , but every day we check for vaccine availability with this application but nothing is available, we are announced there is no Vaccine available for us, I see on news channels too many young people get vaccinated, I don't understand what is today's news abut, they just announced no more covid vaccin remained

  9. This whole COVID-19 IS BS why we don't hear about the flu or any other deadly diseases anymore ALL ILLNESS ARE CONSIDERED COVID19 AND PLEASE STAY AWAY FROM HOSPITALS they will kill you faster than a trigger happy police Bill Gates said years ago they are looking for a vaccine to control the world population NWO-NEW WORLD ORDER I just believe all this is for a greater plain of corruption handed down by all countries there is no vaccine for stupid

  10. Well if you attributed someone dying of a heart attack to Covid 19 if that person was positive. Why wouldn't you attribute a heart attack to the vaccine if after the vaccine they died of a heart attack. How conveniently they have been cherry picking til today what they want in this scamdemic. The worst part is all the people believing all the trash they dish out.

  11. If I get vaccinated:

    1.- Can I stop using the mask?

    – No ❗

    2.- Can restaurants, nightlife, hotels, etc. reopen? and everyone work normally?

    – No ❗

    3.- Will I be immune to covid?

    – Maybe, but we DON'T know exactly — it probably won't stop you from getting it.

    4.- If I contract it, at least I will no longer be contagious to others?

    – No ❗, you can still transmit it, possibly, nobody knows.

    5.- If we vaccinate all the children, will school resume normally?

    – No ❗

    6.- If I am vaccinated, can I stop social distancing?

    – No ❗

    7.- If I am vaccinated, can I stop disinfecting my hands?

    – No ❗

    8.- If I and my grandfather get vaccinated, can we hug?

    – No ❗

    9.- Will cinemas, theaters and stadiums be reopened thanks to vaccines?

    – No ❗

    10.- Will the vaccinated be able to live normally?

    – No❗

    11.- What is the real benefit of vaccination?

    – The virus that we put in you will not kill you❗

    12.- Are you sure he won't kill me?

    – No ❗ .. some died

    13.- If statistically the virus didn't kill me anyway … Why would I get vaccinated? "

    – Probably to protect others.

    14.- So, if I get vaccinated, are others 100% sure that I am not infecting them?

    – No ❗

    15. Can I know if it is a vaccine or another drug?

    – No❗ because it is confidential and a state secret.

    16. If I die after being vaccinated, will my autopsy be allowed to determine the cause of my death?

    – No❗ because it is prohibited by the WHO [WHO] and the Ministry or Secretary of Health.

    17. Can I demand compensation from the vaccine manufacturer if it causes me any harm or can my family claim compensation?

    – No❗ because the laboratories do NOT assume ANY responsibility for the effects and consequences of their drugs whose contents and compositions are secret.

    18. Can I sue the manufacturing laboratory in my country for damages and adverse effects, including permanent disability? Let's all meditate