Game Theory: FNAF, The New Breed

December 12, 2020 12 Views

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The original Five Nights at Freddy’s spawned many sequels and sister games. Over the years I’ve played them all and through that stumbled upon the phenomena that is FNAF fan games. Games so loved by FNAF fans that those games have ALSO created their own universes – some linked to the original game and some all their own. These games have gotten so big that it’s a wonder they haven’t been struck down by the copyright powers that be – and there is a VERY specific reason they haven’t. You see, Scott Cawthon has learned one thing that most game companies never have and likely never will – community.

Find the original game here ► Five Nights at Freddy’s –

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Popgoes Evergreen –
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Writers: Matthew Patrick and Justin Kuiper
Editors: Tyler Mascola, Pedro Freitas, Alex “Sedge” Sedgwick, and Dan “Cybert” Seibert
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  1. I know I'm late & this doesn't go with the video at all but I just realized something- Crying child was probably a robot & that's what fredbear ment when he said "I will put you back together" Willam built Crying child because he probably missed his maybe first born child. And he got so paranoid he built hundreds of fredbear Plushies that stalked you. He was mabye the one in control of crying child's Fred plush & he re-built him. Like bill cipher from gravity falls "a different form a different time." Mabye when he finished he erased the memory of his head being bit off. Also we didn't see any blood when crying child's head got bit off sooo, This may be true but hey, THAT'S JUST A THEORY A RANDOM PERSON'S THEORY. (LOL this was long..)

  2. I just came up with the theory in help wanted you can see Freddy on the desk on One of the rooms it’s sitting down and then I think for fnaf 1 there is a endoskeleton on the desk metal thing there but he could be golden Freddys endoskeleton ????????????


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