President Joe Biden inaugural address

January 20, 2021 22 Views

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  1. Rockefeller USURY neatly wrapping up its seven decades on the move – -Rockefeller RED China treason project.

    Cheap labor – – purpose made – -indeed – – tranz—fixed people – -and final Gates–Rockefeller – – police state EUGENICS.

    A self exterminating population wearing face diapers – —

    BEHOLD ! – –

    'BAR – Rockefeller's' – -O- bomb – – gave way to 'Trumpery for the ITs' – –

    ———————————————————————- – – steps back to make way for 'Joe – Bide 'em onward' – – into 'managed' extermination via police state MED –mass injections.

    BEHOLD the mirage of our 1933 abolished republic !

    BEHOLD ! – -your 'latest' same –same – – eye con jobs !

    And make sure you file those unlawful – un and anti Constitutional – – – taxes on income – – with the -private- off shore USURY – – – IRS .

    Rockefeller MAO smiles.

  2. Insignificant, illegitimate, corrupt cheating Joe, his fake VP and his cheating voters won NOTHING!! Trump and his supporters are going nowhere. We have only just begun. You will see!

  3. "You are not my president!" That is what democrats said about Trump, that is what I say about Biden. I little bit of their own medicine. DEMOCRATS STOLE THE ELECTIONS, NOBODY BELIEVES THAT BIDEN GOT MORE VOTES THAN OBAMA OR HILLARY HIDDEN IN HIS BASEMENT. JA,JA,JA!

  4. Communist leader of America wants to thank all the comrades for obeying your masters and installing the new communist masters to power. You will own nothing and you will be happy. The new communist flags are coming soon. You will display them at your workplace and all government schools. Turn in your guns now or we will confiscate them. Resistance is futile.