Xbox Series X Update (Keyboard & Mouse) Cod Warzone

January 15, 2021 12 Views

Microphone that I use: Blue Yeti (Amazon)

Mouse I use: Logitech G502

Laptop That I use: Dell Inspiron 7559

Bluetooth Headphones that I use:
TaoTronics SoundSurge 55

I also started using a Desktop
MSI Z370 A Pro – Motherboard
Intel Core i5 8600k – CPU
16 GB Corsair Vengeance LPX – RAM
Crucial MX100 256GB SSD – Primary Storage
Seagate 1 TB 7200 RPM HDD – Secondary Storage
Red Devil 5700XT – Video Card

The Digital Audio player that I Use to test out my earphones with.
IPhone XR

Camera that I use: Sony Alpha a6400

Currently My favourite Budget In Ear Earphones: KZ ZST

Currently My Favourite Pair Of Bluetooth In-Ear Earphones:

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Audio was recorded using the Blue Yeti:


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  1. I had a good gaming PC rtx 2080 ti i7 9700k. The xbox series x is smooth this video is biased its as close as it can get to a PC, i mean if you have a wired mouse and 4k 120hz TV its smooth dont listen to this guy he's bias also his brain sensors must be dead which is why he needs 300 fps over 120.

  2. For my son.not to start anything just to let u know what I did .I had go to the custom controller and turn stuff way down then went into game to set the sensitivity up in there and went back and forth till I find tune it work for us and he flick spin just like yall and he just started on mouse and keyboard.might just need to fine tune like we did

  3. this is totally PC biased, as a PC gamer myself my experience with mouse n keyboard on xbox series S was sooo smooth to the point i couldnt tell the difference accept for FOV, but theres a slight delay response time on the mouse it aint bad but sometimes u can feel it when turning in game but it aint much

  4. There going to fix all that!!!,these things happen within a consoles first year!! I know what your saying is true to the experience you had I haven’t gamed on mouse and keyboard yet on the series x but have had issues elsewhere with things they have confirmed and are working on now!, I’m familiar with how they go about fixing these issues if it’s on there end it will become priority if enough people have that issue!!!so When you run into a issue like this let the Microsoft team know you have that issue!! The console is more then strong enough to handle it just needs some tweaking!! And it will get fixed down the line!! Just a matter of when!

  5. I think logitech has some problem with consoles, my friends wireless logitech mnk does not work on playstation at all ps4/5 also having weird connection issues on series s(so the problem should exist in series x too) you haven't tried any other mnk other than your logitech mouse in both of your vids so it could be logitechs computability issue don't blame it on xbox since a lot of other people are giving positive feed back, and also your definition of "good" gaming pc are no where close to series X's performance. Based on your gun set up you are probably a noob in wz so don't blame the hardware by just testing 1 game and 1 mouse that you shouldn't use anyways if you consider yourself as a "competitive player".

  6. Yeah, I have tested out M&K on the XSX and also found some 'weirdness' in the feel and response. I can't put my finger on what is the cause, but its off-putting enough for me not to use the M&K. I am sure its something that will get ironed out in the future, but for now its juts not great.