Sony X900H/ XH90 4K@120Hz Blur Sharpened by Firmware Update 6.0414

December 17, 2020 237 Views

We review the impact of firmware update 6.0414 on the Sony XH90 (also marketed as the BRAVIA X900H in the USA) on the 4K@120Hz blur issue, as well as use two Sony PS5 consoles and two copies of DiRT 5 to see how this affects 4K 120Hz HDMI 2.1 gaming.

Our 55-inch retail units (model number KD-55XH9005) were bought from Richer Sounds Manchester:

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  1. Here it is January an No Firmware Update for the X900h for VRR an blur fix. I thought You said Sony was releasing the Update sometime Dec here it is January a New Year whats taking Sony so dam Long I want my Sony Ps5 Ready Tv to be Fricken Ready by now!!!

  2. Would have been interesting if you had done Dirt 5 PC with 120hz with your RTX 3090 to see if visuals were still downgraded at 4K.I never did believe the hype that PS5 OR XBOX could run full visuals at 4k, 120hz , with the latest AAA titles, even a RTX 3090 would struggle in certain games.

  3. Hey guys I have been in contact with Sony support they state vrr and allm is supported now, on their website it says so as well. Yet I am still not able to enable it on my Xbox series x even though I’m in enhanced mode, using a 2.1 input and cable and have the latest update. Anyone know if it is actually available or are they just clueless?

  4. That is so, so bad, you loose on both 120hz, you loose texture + softness and on 60hz you get back texture, but loose the ability of hi frame rate and because Sony can address the problem, 120hz is worse and nothing to gain, whats the point. SONY YOU BOTCHED THIS BAD, WE WANT THE 120HZ WITH THE PROPPER OUTPUT OF 48GB WITH PICTURE QUALITY THAT SURPASSES 60HZ, I THINK THATS JUST COMMON SENSE INCLUDING WHAT WAS PROMISED WITH THE PS5, ALL THE GLORY OF TEXTURES, RAYTRACING……

  5. This comment will probably get buried, but the question no one has been able to answer for me: The TV displays the content from the console. Why does the TV have to process anything. It either accepts what comes over the HDMI cable or it doesn't. How could the inner workings of the TV have any effect on this. The Xbox/PS5 output 120hz at 4k. The TV was designed for both of those features. This has never made any sense to me. Does not add up.

  6. Sony ….has to hire you vincent, unbelieveble you found issue update that sony didn't see it about blur in 4k@120Hz not running well or downgrade pixel tentative sometimes in vertical n horozontal particular line. You match to be sony employer analyse for the market issue anytime.I think the root caused firmware v6.0414 is sony tired produce ps5 more than expect customer so the firmware still have need time to think issue come up with. Sony need perfect analyse like you vincent. So what kind of giveaway to give me vincent, i totally support your analyse n review plz email me r154l07@ i hope that ps5 one.Thx for giveaway button of your heart anyway.

  7. Say what is the difference between : a 900 & a 950 – Usually it's something like one is Free sat compatible or maybe a difference in lighting spec – but I can't spot it – anyone know ?

    Sony BRAVIA KD55XH9005BU
    – 55 inch 4K Ultra HD HDR Smart LED Android TV YouView

    Sony BRAVIA KD55XH9505BU
    – 55 inch 4K Ultra HD HDR Smart LED Android TV YouView

  8. Vincent,
    I don't do the gaming thing, I mainly watch Blu-ray movies, stream videos and watch OTA TV. Would you still recommend this set for that content?
    My primary reason for consideration for purchase of this set is the fact that it is supposed to support the new ATSC 3.0 format (via firmware update). I'm trying to get the best picture and sound quality I can get, in a set that supports the next gen OTA signal. I really like the LG OLED TV's but the price is significantly higher for the same size (65") LG and from what I've seen on the reviews, the picture difference isn't discernable enough to justify the increase in price. Any thoughts?

  9. So this may be speculation from Stop The Fomo, but from his recent video he states VRR and ALLM is NOT coming to the x900h. Even though I don't believe a word that spews out of his mouth, I would like further assurance that this is not true. Any thoughts?

  10. I think, I should contact the support to prepare the return of my X90H ?

    @Vincent: Can you recommend an alternative? I own an Xbox Series X, a PlayStation 5, and a Nintendo Switch, and I'd like to take full advantage of all the consoles' capabilities. Especially the cancelled VRR annoys me a lot. In AC Valhalla, the lack of VRR is very noticeable. I've always trusted in Sony and I'm really disappointed and desperate right now. ?

  11. Hello , my question is that my HDR on XH9005 with my PS5 when i play a game is like grey and the colors are not good . When i activate the HDR on the Game mode on TV the screen is grey like cloudy , how can i make the HDR settings better ? My sony is on the new firmware . Cann you tell me in all the 3 settings on HDR how many time you push the button down or up to have the best resolution that can i put on my ps5 with the sony tv . Sorry for my english? .
    Have a nice day

  12. Hi there! I just bought this TV too. It is really impressive but I did notice a shadow in the corners of a screen when u are watching for example white / light blue(( The same thing I see on your video here? On reddit they say it will be a firmware update for this issue, do u have any info about this? BTW it is not seeable or giving u any discomfort during regular use)

  13. xbr85xh900h Wifi is randomly turned off during power on and cannot turn wifi back on. Have to hold power on remote and restart TV. Wifi then works fine for a few power on cycles. I am running latest firmware as of 1/14/21