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January 14, 2021 9 Views

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0:00 Intro

0:50 Blue Fire Gets a Release Date

2:17 Resident Evil Showcase

4:41 Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Gets Big Update

6:12 Sony Going All Out on PlayStation Movies and Shows

8:01 New Pokemon Snap Release Date Reveals Amazing Switch 2021 Lineup

10:49 Xbox Closing On Another Acquisition?


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  1. Everyone thought Phil Spencer’s was crazy when he said Sony is not as much competition as Amazon Netflix and google but now I can see why game pass is the future of gaming with them buying up all these studios it’s gonna be good

  2. Sword and Shield look like indie projects tbh. I cannot justify a purchase at 60$. Really hope they sort out their shit next time. Its not like the DLC made it much better, you can complete all the gyms in a weekend. This game needs to go on sale before i jump in, not sure how everyone else feels ? Lots of missing Pokemon, really average visuals and barebones content, yeah, its a 40$ game imo.

  3. I really wish you would have optimized the Mario collection for the Nintendo switch that game was not optimized my favorite Mario game Mario 64 was not optimized I heard the only one that was perfect was the Mario Galaxy no I like Mario Galaxy don't get it twisted but Mario 64 is my favorite why didn't those games get optimized I don't understand it in Platformers you need to have the camera perfect I mean it don't have to be perfect but you know

  4. I really wanted the Mario collection but they just do it on there they upgraded the graphics a little bit but that's about it I'd rather just put in Nintendo 64 version makes no sense seriously Nintendo needs to start having achieved mints in their games I mean a few games has them here and there but that's about it at least on the Wii U you did get some games that had achievements

  5. Revelations 3 only to the switch no I played them all I need on my Xbox I really hope you're wrong about that I'm glad Nintendo switches getting Revelations 3 I hope it's coming for Xbox also it has to be coming on Xbox and Playstation all of them was on there on all of these systems except for the Wii U I don't think I'm happy that the Wii U is getting Revelations 3 but I need it on my Xbox I feel like crying if it doesn't come it doesn't make no sense to release both then and leaving 3 out

  6. I'm not into the game Wars I don't get down like that I just don't like PlayStation it is not my favorite system at all I don't give into that stuff it's just I don't want to spend my money on the PlayStation I do not like that system no I don't get into the game awards people should be able to play with they want to that's my whole stands and I don't care which one looks better only thing I just don't like PlayStation

  7. Yes I don't like PlayStation but I do want to watch the PlayStation movies I like movies the last of the series I would love to see that is it going to be anime I don't care about the games I love movies and series that sounds interesting no I don't want to play on a PlayStation so I don't want to try the game I had a crappy PlayStation 3 I did not like it but I do want to look at the movies oh yes and the series I hope it's anime though

  8. Yes I want to play Mario 3D World I had the game on the Wii U it makes me want to jump back into it Bowser's Fury looks really good yes yes yes yes yes and it looks like there's new collectibles in Mario 3D World Metroid gas I really like Metroid yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes I don't care about breath of the Wild

  9. 2017 was the best year for the Switch: Zelda Botw, Mario Odyssey, Xenoblade 2, Splatoon 2, Mario Rabbits,…
    I don't believe we will see a better year than that, but yeah 2021 looks really good.

  10. I wonder if Brad Sams was referring to the LucasArts news from…well, maybe later that day, depending on time zone? But I think the WB studios (NRS, Monolith, Rocksteady, etc) are still up for sale. But yeah, those 4 studios mentioned in the video make sense. But w/ Brad saying how IP valuations are soaring, I am presuming it is not a studio MS outsourced work to (Asobo, Playful), but possibly is a studio that made/is making 3rd-party games had exclusive publishing rights to (GSC, Bloober).

    Either way, there is so much money in developer/IP valuation, he's right. I mean, think: Bethesda was bought for $7.5B. That's still more than what the Yankees, Cowboys, and other world-renowned sports franchises are valued at. It's crazy.