Cyberpunk 2077 | Patch 1.1 | Frame Rate Test on PS4

January 23, 2021 12 Views

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  1. Anyone who doesn't care about overlaying a FPS counter would consider this playable, for the simple reason that it is actually playable. Also if you want to play with better settings/performance any game just get a PC.

  2. Honestly looks more than tolerable, but than again I grew up in the early 90's with a DOS PC that couldn't run anything. I cut my teeth on sub par frame rates back in the day. For me having the game dip to 27 fps while in a combat sequences is very manageable, but to each their own.

  3. So, they did nothing ! Frame rate at this rate is actually secondary. I hate how grainy the textures look !! It is so blurry and hurts the eyes when you play .
    And seriously ? Still no keyboard-mouse compatibility on PS4 ? I play warzone on PS4 with Keyboard-mouse combo!!!

  4. U know why cyberpunk is crap because everyone like you lot rushed CD project Red to bring this out early because all of you was keep asking when is it coming out when is it coming out the reason why the game is broken Becarse of you lot so your the ones to blame not CD project Red

  5. Still an embarrassingly poor frame rate. If you can drive around/shoot in this on PS4, even with the latest "fixes", kudos, but it's 2021, and 23-25fps in an open world can eat my ass with a soup spoon because it's a similarly load of runny shit. Would be nice to be able to try it out on a PS5 and see if maybe that's a viable option but Sony seem so intent on making sure every rapper and NBA player has a console that plebians like me can't throw our money at them to get that nExT gEn ExPeRiEnCe the lucky ones are going on about. Sad state of affairs, sad state of a game and an indictment on the industry as a whole, not only for CDPR's executive board for humiliating their talented devs but for the wider gaming industry's obsession with celebrity marketing of a console that doesn't need any marketing whatsoever given the massive gap between supply and demand.