Cyberpunk 2077: Stadia vs Xbox Series X – And The Results Are Surprising!

January 7, 2021 12 Views

Cyberpunk 2077 gets a bespoke port for the Stadia platform, meaning that it’s not an enhanced last-gen version – as is the case on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X. While not the best way to play the game, it’s certainly a fully viable contender – and it’s light years beyond the flawed last-gen versions. Oh, and did we mention that in many cases, it’s actually more detailed than the Series X version?

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  1. Its like you went out of your way to find a setup for Stadia that seemed adequate but you knew it would perform less good than a wired connection. Obviously the next gen consoles should perform better but your analysis of Stadia's performance is simply flawed. Do better.

  2. Sooo… You need a stable 10Mbs for it to run

    25 Mbs for 4k

    Maybe a tad more.. you don't need that nonsense to park next to a cell tower to make it work

    Key word stable….get a nice router and you are gucci

    I love that no where in the comparison they mention the price

    You are comparing a $600 console to a $0 dollar console

    So yeah

  3. I am lucky enough to have synchronous gigabit fiber at home. Running stadia pro on 4k tv through chromecast ultra wired via ethernet. Essentially ideal setup and let me tell you, the experience is tremendous. I am 100% sure it competes with whatever xbox and playstation are putting out there

  4. I have a decent cable internet connection with a Chromecast Ultra on 4K TV and i'm really enjoying playing this and Assassins Creed on Stadia Pro. Looks great and plays really well. Got the Chromecast Ultra and Stadia controller free with Cyberpunk, really impressed and practically free.

  5. The actual condition is be at home, on ur toilet seat. Running stadia on WiFi that is far away from ur wifi point but u hope u may get a good connection.
    U don't play stadia if u r not on ur toilet seat.

  6. I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again, last gen consoles need a reduction in resolution to target 30fps better

    XB1X: 1102-1295p
    PS4P: 1081-1188p
    PS4: 901-1079p
    XB1S: 720-899p

    Do not attempt to play on the OG base XB1

  7. I appreciate the work you put into this video, but do you really hold up the dropped frames against a game streaming service while you were playing on WIFI??
    I dont know how things are in the UK, but even I can access a stable 1Gb wired connection without dropped packets, and I live on the wrong side of Europe.

  8. Sooooo, all that money Google spent on hardware, filling a room or several rooms, and they're already out of date. How on earth do developers afford game development PCs, and for an entire office? And they can afford what Google can't….. I don't get it. And what's with the teslation effects? The steering wheel isn't perfectly round, looks more like an octogon.

  9. Where in the UK does this guy live or work that he can't get a 60mbps connection at home i live in a small town and i can get 74mbps and to be honest that still to slow makes me appreciate the work even more if that's what the guy has to work with.

  10. Stadia is truly phenomenal.

    I’m not going into explanation, research yourself. Google (and I’m a HUGE Apple fan) is bringing to the table what no one else is.

    Luna, XCloud, GeForce Now all great services but Stadia I believe is the next step.

    I support all endeavors, but Google please keep pushing Stadia!

  11. The fact that the results are this close at all considering a Series X costs $499, and you can play Stadia in a browser tab on just about any machine (even on your phone, if you dont mind the tiny screen) is pretty promising. Excellent comparison.

  12. Should have built it for PC then port to consoles like they did with Witcher 2.

    Witcher 2 was a technical masterpiece for the time and hammered high end PCs but it worked, it should never have ran on 360 but it did and it worked well.

  13. At this point in time, I'm not willing to consider anything running at less than 60 FPS, bar games running on a Switch. It's just not acceptable for games to run any lower than 60 FPS, it's such a bad experience below that.

  14. It’s funny and ironic how so many gamers have trashed Stadia as a decent way to play games and it ended up being the best way to play the game next to a mid to high end PC. I have been a supporter of Stadia ever since I claimed my free Premiere Edition for being a YouTube Red member. I even pre-ordered Cyberpunk 2077 to claim another free Premiere Edition and another Stadia controller to go with my original Chromecast Ultra so I have Stadia on all three tv’s. I cannot stress how convenient it is to pick up and play on any tv I wish without having to worry about downloads and updates. If you have a fast and stable WiFi signal it works great and playing current-gen games that look and perform almost as well as current-gen hardware on a device smaller than a hockey puck is impressive to me. The only drawback is quality is dependent on your internet speeds and the stability of your connection as well as worrying about data caps and/or ISP throttling. I will note that I notice the latency is higher than on local hardware but it’s nothing game breaking and just like latency on hardware, your brain gets used to it quickly. One last thing, the controller is almost on par with a DuelShock 4 (I say almost because it’s laid out like a DuelShock 4 except I feel Google made superior thumb sticks but it has an inferior d-pad that is just bad. Google needs to take notes from Nintendo on the d-pad. Otherwise it’s one of the best feeling controllers I have used but not better than a XBoxOne or Series controller. If they could fix the d-pad in a revision they would have a seriously great controller to brag about.)

    Gamers should not write off Stadia before trying it and at worst you end up with a great 4K streaming device if you end up not using Stadia at all.