Ghost of Tsushima: PS5 vs PS4 Pro – The 60fps Difference!

January 4, 2021 14 Views

What did you do over the Christmas break? Rich revisited Ghost of Tsushima on PlayStation 5, and dug a little deeper into its 60fps upgrade, how it compares to PS4 Pro, and spent some time playing the impressive Legends DLC.

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  1. The more I hear and see these performed as intended videos I'm starting to wonder if this generation is really last generation ?. Still, its a welcome that all these games are going through the car wash of new tech to shine brighter.

  2. To all the people who (like me) were not able to get a PS5 but have a PS4/Pro and have an LG OLED TV (I have a C9), just activate the TruMotion option and it's day and night too… It really feels like 60fps, even though there's some kind of blur around objects when moving really fast but the game feels so smooth that I don't mind at all. So if you have an LG OLED try the TruMotion πŸ™‚

  3. I would still like to see a patch for Ghost of Tsushima on PS5 that enhances the visuals.
    There's no question that the graphics were downgraded from that E3 demo(as it is for so many other games) but I would like to see the game looking like that E3 demo(or as near as possible).

  4. Please for the love of god, stop saying "Unlocked" and "60fps" in the same sentence. if its 60fps, then its still locked, its locked to 60fps.. Unlocked means there is no lock at all, other known as unlimited FPS

  5. I am glad to have it on PS4. I will not going upgrade PS5 only depending with different or new game then yes. Don't forget we had those consoles in back time when there PS2 and PS3 games do you actually compare them over graphic and FPS? So we had PS3 and PS4, do you actually compare them over graphic and FPS? Now we have PS4 pro and PS5 when they have better graphic and FPS which similar games and just posh to improve like bit by bit like iPhone 4 and 4s?. Our future getting worsen then past too much compares. Sorry my English poor.

    Don't bother read my comment go read other comments and don't judge my English.

  6. Sorry van anyone answer my question !
    I know nothing about backward compatibility and I want to know that what if you transfer ghost of tsushima from base ps4 to ps5
    Will there be this huge diffrents?
    I mean 60fps on PS5 ?