SECRETS OF THE GODS!? FULL Dragon Ball Super Manga Chapter 68 Spoilers

January 19, 2021 13 Views

TRY CR FREE: | Complete Dragon Ball Super Manga Chapter 68 Spoilers featuring Mastered Ultra Instinct Goku vs Whis in a battle where we find out that ANGELS ARE ALWAYS IN ULTRA INSTINCT and that there are other GOD powers PLUS Granolah vs Freeza is teased! Branolah seeks revenge.




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  1. I'd just like to say, for anyone who might be confused due to the translation choice used in martial arts to say something is "mastered" in English, while in martial arts that word is more correctly meant to imply it's learned in a practical sense. Saying mastered can give a false impression of competency, implying it's a near perfected technique.

    As a decent equivalent comparison, getting your drivers license could be seen as "mastering" driving, which clearly sounds all kinds of wrong.

    So by saying Goku has mastered Ultra Instinct, it basically means he's 'certifiably' learned how to do it.

    I made this comment because the friend that linked me this video didn't understand how Goku could have mastered UI and yet still need to train how to use it better.

  2. 8:50 My gut tells me that Vegeta will gain an ability he can use in conjunction with SSB, like Goku has Kaioken. Only Vegeta's going to be getting a version of that from a vastly higher origin point. I do hope it's a better idea than that, and definitely not just ~another~ transformation on it's own.

  3. I have figured out the ending of this upcoming arc. Goku will open a new ability called copy and paste and he will defeat Granola Bar and he will change his heart and tell him to become a farmer and have a family.

  4. The translation I read on the official manga had Beerus tell Vegeta to steal something "he sees" if he wants to. This makes me think he is going to have to consume something that could awaken G.O.D. power. Maybe they'll copy Yu Yu Hakusho again and Vegeta's body will not be able to just immediately consume and adapt the GOD power. It could be a long process with a lot of pain involved, testing both how well he trained his body over the years ad well as his mind; making him have to earn it in a way.

  5. Maybe this new power is like some sort of "drunken master" form. I would imagine, that could be cool. Not necessarily for Vegeta to learn, he´s too level headed for that but I think it could be something perfectly fit for Beerus´ character. I´m just imagining a fight between Beerus and Whis, where the only time, Beerus has won, was because he had reached a state, where Whis´ perfect mastery of self-movement wasn´t working, because Beerus was moving so unpredictably, it caught even Whis off guard…..

  6. In what way is it a surprise to find out that angels are always in ultra instinct? It was pretty well explained by whis several years ago. There should be noone that didn't already know about this if they watched the series.

  7. So ui mastery isn’t the sole reason for angels being extremely powerful, which makes it a lot better knowing that vegeta can catch up to goku truly in his own way, I feel like one of those techniques mentioned by beerus is a technique Jiren currently knows and mastered

  8. Hey Geekdom I know its a little late but I have a theory that I'd like to share. I believe that Vegeta could potentially be the Super Saiyan God that the oracle fish predicted about way back in the beginning of Super. Reason why is this: Beerus basically introduced Vegeta to the idea of different powers and techniques of the Gods other than just Ultra Instinct, and in the ToP arc Toppo basically transformed into a God of Destruction cause he was trained and prepped by Belmod. So what if now Beerus trains Vegeta, he harnesses God of Destruction energy or maybe other techniques & powers, and goes into a unique transformation that turns him into the Super Saiyan God that the oracle fish predicted? What if that prediction was correct the whole time, just the timing was off and that Beerus would unknowingly create one of his greatest adversaries. I think its possible and I think it makes sense, and besides it ties in & blends with the story pretty well since Vegeta stated that he wants to be stronger in his own way and is interested in learning from Beerus. Hopefully I'm explaining it well too lol let me know what you think, I love your vids!