Cyberpunk 2077 Comparison – Xbox Series X vs. Xbox Series S vs. Xbox One S vs. PS5 vs. PS4

December 10, 2020 9 Views

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  1. Wtf is all this "Next-Gen" talk, They turned "next gen" into a physical thing??? What do u mean this isnt even a next gen game yet?! Its just tweaked graphic settings, things pc gamers been doing for decades, no shit its lagging on ps4. there is only so much they can compress the textures without completely redoing the textures in a lower resolution.

  2. Sorry but he must be a fanboy if he thinks ps5 looks slightly better. Mostly looks the same but its obvious the series x looks better in places. 8:32 like you can clearly see the tires cracks much better on series x and thats just the tires. Like just keep it real and just say you just rather play on your preferred console.

  3. Playing the PS4 version and since the 1.04 patch, turning off 'film grain' and activating the 'Reality Creation' setting on my TV and boosting the resolution, it immediately looks identical to the PS5 version.

    Bar the frame rate, the PS5 version is NOT 'miles ahead' by any stretch. A bit of flimsy visual trickery happening on the next gen doesn't change the fact this is a poorly optimised game no matter what you play it on, technically and graphically.

  4. Guys this game was meant be for last gen only the delays pushed it this late …and it does not work properly even after the graphics and content are butchered .. why does every one say it is a next Gen game is not and was not designed to be so .

    Even Ray Tracing knocks up to 70 fps off the frame rate DLSS works well, but even for this Gen Cards on high end PC's this game devours them .

  5. I own the PS5. Overall in this game I prefer the Xbox Series X footage. I've noticed in comparisons now that the PS5 has more contrast and darker blacks which works better for some games than others. In dark games like this, it's simply easier to look at something with a lighter picture output. Less eye strain beats screenshots every time as a player.

  6. I can barely tell the difference between any of the systems. I'm on base Xbox One and I've been having a fun time. I'm sure I'll like it a bit more when I get a next gen system next year. But when I play a game I rarely stop to admire the graphics. If I want awesome graphics, I leave the house and go hike somewhere.