Are The PS4 & Xbox One Too OId?

December 17, 2020 12 Views

Cyberpunk 2077’s launch has been a mess on the PS4 and Xbox One, and some are saying it’s simply because the hardware is too old. Should you be worried about more cross generation games coming out over the next year?

Check out RandomGaminginHD’s video on running Cyberpunk on Minimum specs!

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  1. Yes PS4 and XBOX1 hardware is too old. Even PS3 had stronger CPU in 2006….

    Yes you can make a good looking game run even on CPU from 1997 you had on Wii U, the game will look good and run at 1080p60fps, but it depends on optimization.

    There is a reason why Sony is already cancelling PS4 sales, yes one way to look at it is that they free up manufacturing power for PS5 creation, but I think another reason is that console is just way too slow. PS4 was already outdated then it released, like you shown in your video, a PC with Ivy bridge CPU runs game much better, and you can lower the rez and get even better performance. Those Jagguar cores were trash then and they are certainly bad now.

    Yes you can make a game run even on Wii U CPU, it has enough graphical power, but is is worth it? Maybe. PS4 will run for 5+ years for now, because it has 100million user base and companies want to sell games to that userbase, but do not expect game quality to be that much better, its just does not have the power.

  2. Too old?
    I have a 1984 Honda nt650 bros (or hawk in America). I love vintage bikes. They are just as fun today as the day they came out. Too old is your body when you can no longer move like you used to be able to.

  3. Should you upgrade?
    Answer: Probably yes.
    Is it necessary?
    Answer: No.
    If you love playing on your PS4 or Xbox one or going as far as the previous generations consoles. Then it's fine. There are thousands of games out there through time. Some of them are really fun to play and maybe exclusive on older consoles. So take your time and have fun.

  4. It will be interesting to see how Halo Infinite fairs on release given their promise to also release it for the og Xbox. I guess they should get the optimization right given its their own hardware products they are working on.