How To Write Character Arcs In Comics & Manga

January 20, 2021 31 Views

In today’s video, we are going to be discussing Character Arcs- A literary term used to describe the transformation of a story’s character over a series of events. We will discuss the 3 MAIN CHARACTERISTICS that will ensure the character arcs in YOUR comics, manga, and light novels are written effectively! Have a further question? Leave it below!

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  1. Hey I just found your channel and I just want to ask if I am able to make a manga I always wanted to but I always feel like I can’t I feel like I’m restricted because I don’t have and tools or the scanning thing to scan your manga. I also feel like my story and my characters aren’t good enough. I still haven’t given up yet though is there another way to make manga like on digital then print it out or something?

  2. Could you make a video for some more technical tips and tricks to create manga in the software you use? Like using copy and paste, utilizing layers and other things like brushes and coloring things in etc?

  3. bro you’re an incredible great person. your videos are quick and yet have SO MUCH valuable information in them. the fact that this type of information is FREE is completely beyond me. we should work.

  4. Hey Monitor Comics, recently I read 2nd serving, and I found it refreshing to read. It was totally different from the other kinds of sports and battle manga I have read previously! The idea and plot is so interesting, and I love the characters you made and their backstories. The idea of competitive eating is so genius because everyone loves food and no one has ever done this kind of thing before. I'm only 13 years old but I want to be a manga artist someday, and I'm working to achieve that goal! I hope you make 2nd Serving into a manga series. I would definitely read it!