Winter (2021's STACKED Anime Lineup) is Coming REACTION

December 16, 2020 11 Views

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  1. I might have to renew my subscriptions for this new season, which I let lapse since last summer. Now with Funimation smooshed together with Crunchyroll under the Sony umbrella I am not sure what shows will end up on which service. I already have Netflix for The Promised Neverland and Beastars, both of which I enjoyed. I'm looking forward to Re: Zero Season 2, part 2, even though I'm already in the know there because of the LNs. All in all a lot of quality anime coming out to watch.

  2. i gotta say world trigger may not look great and it may not have super deep characters and it may be a bit slow stiry telling whise but oh boy the power system is amazing it puts everyone more or less on the same level although there is that classical talent thing but even those with low talent can figure out creative ways to win by using what they have in effective or creative ways that exploit the enemys weaknesses

  3. I hope that you will try to consider watching an upcoming anime in Winter 2021 called " Mushoku Tensei" which dubbed to be "The Granddaddy of Modern Isekai" and also being credited to the boom of the isekai shitstorm LNs and anime in Japanthat try to replicate the success it made in Syosetu as the #1 most popular story in the website for 6 years…( Even after the story itself ended…)