Top 12 Most Powerful Anime Characters Ranked

August 27, 2017 15 Views

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  1. 1.The Creator/Kami Tenchi(Tenchi Muyo!/Umineko)-Omnipotence,Omniscience,Omnipresent.
    2.Azathoth(Demonbane/Cthulhu Mythos)-Omnipotence,Omniscience,Omnipresence.
    3.Chousins(Tenchi Muyo!)-Omnipotence,Omniscience,Omnipresence.
    4.Lord of Nightmares(Slayers)-Omnipotence,Omniscience,Omnipresence.
    5.Featherine Augustus Aurora(Umineko)-Nigh Omnipotence,Nigh Omniscience,Nigh Omnipresence.
    6..Elder God Demonbane(Demonbane)-Nigh Omnipotence,Nigh Omnipresence.
    7.Counter Actor(Tenchi Muyo!)-Nigh Omnipotence,Nigh Omniscience.
    8.Haruka Kaminogi(Noein)-Nigh Omnipotence.
    9.Truth(Fullmetal Alchemist)-Omniscience,Omnipresence,Multi-Universe Buster.
    10.Anti-Spiral(Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann)-Nigh Omniscience,Multi-Universe Buster.
    11.Hades(Saint Seiya)-Multi-Universe Buster.
    12.Zeno(Dragon Ball Super)-Multi-Universe Buster.
    This is my Opinion.

  2. Wronged list I've ever seen, anti spiral is above 10th dimensions and trascended multiverse how the hell is he so low my god he's definitely at least 6Th in this list
    Also where the heck are Madoka and Hakemi ? They're both 6D
    And most of all Zeno Is not even multiversal how's he even here, before you start string theory for universe mean the whole reality we live in not just a bunch of planets like in dragon ball and so destroy some groups of planets and stars who exist in the same existential plan is not a multiversal feats and the prove is that when he deleted (not even completely) trunks timeline all the other realities remained completely uneffected
    He shouldn't even be here, he canjust destroy matter (so not even completely erase), he needs a hierarchy of God to make his work, can't even create, meh
    Also the counter actor should be first and where the heck is David Jehoahaz Abraham
    I swear you make top of this kind but ignore simple things like anti spiral being close to omniscience and put him so low or miss a lot of characters who should be here instead of others