Xbox Series S Review – One Month Later!

December 14, 2020 15 Views


Welcome back to Stu’s Reviews! Today I give you my thoughts on the Xbox Series S after a month of use, and discuss my honest opinion on whether it is TRULY a next gen console or not!

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  1. Xbox series S if for cheap gaming on 1080p or 1440p …. That mean 299€ for this power is amazing.And PS5 or Xbox series X dont have true 4k that mean is only reupscale 1440p to false 4k(fake 4k). If u what play true 4k u need PC. Graphic card rx 6800minimal or rx 6800xt with ryzen 5 6800xt… Then the best console is symple Xbox series S. Prize -Power

  2. Nice review i have the series s and have played gears 5 on the one x and the enhanced version for the series and I promise you the series s is capable of far better graphics than the One X by miles.

  3. Hey there. First time viewer. I enjoyed your review.
    I am like you, I grew up on Xbox, but within the last few years, switched over to PlayStation. After watching this, I am certainly considering purchasing the Series S. I do miss those exclusives— Halo, Gears of war. And it would be nice to have a modern console that can play them all. The power is a bit disappointing, as I do own a 4K tv, but with a $250 price tag I think I can live with it,

  4. I don't see what devs are whining about the difference between S & X is no different than coding for an i3 to i9 from a 3GB GTX1060 to an RTX 3090. If Devs can code pc games that can scale with an almost INFINITE number of hardware configs on PC then I'm sure they can cope with 2 closed architectures on Xbox.

    As I recall devs whined about coding for the PS3 too didn't stop them.

    As for next vs incremental, MS have been banging in for years now about not having next gen races & a more incremental Xbox model so that's where the series S comes in the X is the next gen & the S bridges the gap from previous gen to current gen.

    Also reason it's that affordable price is they can subsidise the hardware knowing they have that digital lock in so you can't really rave about the low price then complain about digital prices. It's like printer manufacturers selling cheap printers & recouping the costs on consumables. That's the price you pay for cheap at point of sale

  5. About digital games, there's also games you can't find in digital stores, Forza Horizon 2 was retired from the store and the only way to play it is by owning the disc version. Also many compatible OG Xbox and 360 games that you can find only on disc.