Drawing Fubuki + Hinata inspired original manga character

December 10, 2020 10 Views

In all honesty drawing Fubuki + Hinata inspired original manga manga character was an interesting challenge. I was debating whether or not to color her eyes something other than brown & same with her hair.

That’s the thing about anime though. You literally can make your character have green hair, silver eyes, blue hair or golden eyes. Drawing manga especially when it’s your own manga characters doesn’t have to be restricted to a certain style.

I just have a habit of making my anime characters have features reminiscent of people in real life. The other thing is that whenever I’m drawing my own manga characters I like drawing them different races & ethnicities because that’s what makes them unique.

Typically whenever mangakas draw manga characters they’ll give them different color hair & different colored eyes. Me though, I give them different ethnic features to make them obviously stand out & be unique.

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