Sony Announces Huge PS5 Changes That Will Sell Millions Of Consoles! Xbox Fans Are Switching!

January 17, 2021 12 Views

In what could be the biggest change and announcement for the PlayStation 5 to date, Sony has come out with some quite fantastic news and fans are so far loving what they’re seeing! I have to admit I was a little worried at times but it seems like it’s all coming together in a big way right now for Sony and the PlayStation 5!


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  1. This is around the second or third video from this guy I've seen and it will be the last. Its not just the PS5 that is hard to come by all the new consoles are and then saying hopefully the supply issue is fixed soon if it can be of course it can what are they just going to leave it as is and be like sorry folks but with such a high demand and hundreds of millions to be made we've decided not to bother anymore lmao wtf is guy going on about. Also they've announced GOT 2 and Naughty Dog are making a new game meaning Xbox fans are leaving their long coveted consoles behind for Sony they've had years to switch and missed out on lots of exclusives but because Sony are releasing another exclusive a sequel to their last big PS4 exclusive all of a sudden they've had enough stop with the biased Bullshit infact that would be a more suiting name for the channel honestly wtf.

  2. Right now if Playstation doesn’t start dropping their big IP games their gonna star loosing customers because Xbox is rolling with GamePass and the volume of stuff they are pushing for little money has no equal.

  3. This is supposed to be a review channel apparently and he thinks the Last of Us II has a great story. From everything I've seen about it, The Last of Us Part II sucked. Also, what exactly are the ideas? The Ghost of Tsushima 2? This reviewer isn't for me. Takes forever to get to the point too.

  4. Oh you pathetic old man! If you think that a gamerwith a huge bought library would leave a platform you are absolutely insane. There is no switch, they would add a ps5, but according to the really bad engineering of this hardware, not all of them but a lot, i would stick with ps4 because all games will release on ps4 anyways for 4 years. Sony said so. No problem. Get a life crap, or play some games. A. Completly new concept. Stay safe grumpy