True Beauty Funny Moments | Try not to laugh! (part 1)

January 16, 2021 13 Views

I challenge you not to laught! ?

Funny Moments from kdrama:
– Strong Woman Do Bong Soon:
– Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo:
– Goblin:
– Kdramas funny moments:
– Angel’s last mission love:
– It’s okay not to be okay #1:
– It’s okay not to be okay #2:
– Cinderella and the 4 knights:

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  1. There is this Chinese actress "Bai Lu" she is really funny and an excellent actress too and anytime I watch Moon Ga-young's excellent rendition of Ju-kyung , I wonder how Bai Lu would interpret this character.

  2. Can we take a moment to appreciate how seojun didn't offer a cup to jugyeong when she needed the washroom unlike like small minded suho. But it was so cute when suho offered the cup too. Anyways stan True beauty

  3. I really want to see bts for elevator scene ? and how can Suho gave her the cup with that innocent face?! If Ju Kyeong wasn't in urgency I don't doubt her kameha-ing Suho right there and there. My god! I need to replace my laugh box now, goodbye friends ?