Trump tweets Pence has power to overturn presidential election

January 6, 2021 28 Views

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  1. Donald Grump….you’re a loser in EVERY sense of the word ????

    I’ll take a line from a song of one of my favorite artists Ray Charles ….”Hit the road Jack, and DONT COME BACK NO MORE!!!! ?????

  2. This is an honest question to Trump supporters. Why are your life's so terrible? What is so terrible about America? Most people I know lead a decent life, not perfect but good life's. When I listen to Trump and his supporters the US is terrible. I think the US is a great country and I know a lot of good people. Life is what you make of it.

  3. Pence is part of the deep state…he’s a puppet. If any one is at fault it’s the media, Twitter,facebook but let’s not forget there is possible election fraud. What’s funny is months ago people burned down cities but yet protestors went into the state capital and now the world is ending lol this is fucking ridiculous. The media needs to be held responsible at some point. I’m going to be starting a youtube channel to suppress the deep state ie Facebook Twitter and all the twisted lying media.

  4. Why? Pence got no balls to invoke the 25th amendment? Do the one and only thing left to be done to keep the world safe.
    DT said you didn't have the courage, prove him wrong and invoke the 25th amendment.

  5. It shall always be the people that shall stand,they know individually who they voted for, they longed to be elected since it is employment, businesses, and all forms of restorations that the Americans believed the trump administration is capable of doing, in every building, hotels and many establishments, it is not just a name, it is more than decades of loyalty, trustworthiness as well as love of country he exemplified worldwide, known trademark that children shall never forget worldwide in languages. Money….it is not the money that rules in the mindset of many, it is a House, as a whole, centuries, that freed many from the concepts of slavery and being a slave, and no language is to complain, for no language is a prisoner nor a slave amongst identified nations/countries respectively languages. What is cash, they say its there, it also withers through time, gold, its also there.. a display in the museums and in some private collectors and to be auctioned afterwards, Look outside CASH, and you'll know the way many are Identified, genuine, and established, they don't wobble, sway, all the rest of their lives. Got many companies that knows limited, Ptd, Trademarks, Reg. And all of them are not cash driven, you meet/equate success with Cash, one and plenty must realize what kind of Cash is that worth through the course of time. Realize, Reflect, Refract the kinds of light, bright that lightens, enlightens the places and in many parts of the world.

  6. He can’t take the L. He’s a baby. Influencing his followers to riot is not being a good leader. Can’t wait for him to be gone. He’s an idiot and knows nothing. My husband supports this idiot and idk why. There’s nothing good about this man.

  7. Please understand this isn't over. Twitter has described an additional attack on the Capital sometime between January 17th-20th. Between first day of new congress and inauguration. Please don't go to inauguration.

  8. It’s kinda funny. It’s like a baby throwing a pity tantrum. Usually he can buy those 11,000 votes just like everything he does in his business life. It’s funny to see him not get his way though. And no I’m not a Biden supporter.

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