Nightly News Full Broadcast (January 17th)

January 18, 2021 17 Views

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  1. Mr Trumpademic = Health Crisis with 400,000 Dead and 25 Million infected around the country and the new deadly strain killing americans at a staggering 30 people an hour now and no end in sight and are medical care and resources pushed to the breaking point and way of life forever changed. Economic Crisis = Are Country pushed back to Great Depression Levels haven't seen in 120 years with 27 Million Unemployed and 9 Trillion in debt and rising at the worst rate ever seen in us history with the most worst job loss in presidental history at a staggering 15 Million jobs lost in only 5 months like Obama said in florida in October speech Housing Crisis = The highest eviction rate ever seen in are Lifetimes at a astonishing 45 Million Evicted and Homeless for the holidays and sick with Covid dieing on the streets and no where to go or hide in the darkest winter in Modern History like Fauci said it was going to be only much worse because of new deadly strain and spreading faster than last time and much more stronger and agressive after mutation. World Crisis = 2,094,234 Million Dead and 90 Million infected around the Globe ? and Mankind's way of life on the pushed back to Great Depression Levels and are planet turned into a mass grave yard as bodies keep piling up at 1 Million Dead every 3 months another million of the human race wiped off the map and more Deadlier and stronger mutations keep forming because of it

  2. Like Steve Schmidt said and many others He's The New Modern Day Hitler of are Lifetimes and we the American People are his unfortunate new American Genocide on his Herd Immunity Slaughtering Plan set up to slaughter Millions and now start a hate war with the 1st insurrection in Modern History ever and unfortunately we had to add to Mr Trumpademics body with this now when will it stop only when he's locked up for eternity and stripped of everything

  3. Why don’t you quit calling yourself the news and call yourself the banking propaganda machine you lie so much the American and Canadian and the World watched as antifa was let into the most secure building in America you can find all those videos on DuckDuckGo the police let antifa into the building you are a bunch of liars traders to humanity you are not the news

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  7. Government, celebrities, radio ECT watch you through tv screen, phone, electrctonics not camera. They have ear pieces and watch you live at home and have inside jokes changing words and characters on tv shows ECT. They have now been equipped with radar technology that can read your thoughts using them to harm you. It goes in your home, public,. They listen to your phone on or off for years back.