Inauguration of Joseph Biden Jr. | Full CBC News special

January 20, 2021 64 Views

President Joseph Biden Jr. and vice president Kamala Harris are sworn in at the U.S. Capitol in Washington, D.C.

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  1. 2:04:59 " distrusting those who don't look like you or worship the way you do or don't get the news …" Biden is really good at addressing issues, however, not good at getting things done. America's "Karen culture" needs america national strategy to cure, not by few speeches.

  2. Biden called for national unity in his inauguration speech. What 's a hypocritical person ! Pelopsi and Democratic party are going to cancel the impeachment of Donald Trump ?

  3. I sure am glad we don't use vote counting computer systems in Canadian federal elections. Like almost all computer programs they are too easily hacked by determined outsiders, or manipulated by operators on the inside who have a political agenda.

  4. Biden's appeal was his moderate stance on politics, he betrayed all liberals with his shift to progressivism and an even larger slight by appointing the least popular and most corrupt politician in the whole primary. Why not appoint Tulsi Gabbard? Way better, way more moderate, also a woman of colour, and far more liked… Why not? Because the whole thing is an orchestrated sham and you've all been bamboozled. RIP America, welcome to 1984.