Xbox BIG SURPRISES For 2021 | Huge Xbox Series X Game UPGRADES & UPDATES | Halo Infinite + Gears 5

December 10, 2020 61 Views

Xbox has talked a little bit about what to expect in 2021 from Xbox Game Studios including some surprises, 343 give a massive update about Halo Infinite and its release window, and Gears 5 DLC being in Xbox Game Pass Ultimate for free may just be the start of a trend.

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  1. I still can’t believe Microsoft actually said to “lower your expectations” for the show. It just feels like Microsoft isn’t even tryin anymore to get gamers excited about anything. To me, GamePass has ruined the great exclusives, the excitement of a new IP.

  2. I'm just glad Perfect Dark is sticking with the first person perspective. The other things it absolutely needs to keep is the insanely customizable multiplayer and the unique weapons with dual functionality.

    When I think Perfect Dark, I remember the awesome modes (like Counter-Op & playing as NPC's trying to kill the main player), robust multiplayer with more options & stat keeping than even most modern games, and the crazy unique weapons that double as something else (Lay down your gun as a proximity mine? Don't mind if I do!)

    Of course, I'll miss Elvis & the aliens, but it'll still be sci-fi, so I'm pleased either way 🙂

  3. So I got to Walmart at 4:30 am today to wait for the PS5, and yes, I got it, it was worth the wait. I also sold my Series X for $100 more than I paid for it, feels so good to be done with Xbox for good and enjoy the best platform for games ( Playstation 5 ).

  4. As you mentioned, this video was longer than you normally do, but honestly I mainly love watching your videos for the in depth content. So I personally really appreciate the longer videos.
    Thank you for everything you do for the Xbox community!!
    Love your videos!

  5. Okay, I usually don’t go aggressive on executives but damn, Phil Spencer and Aaron Greenberg have to step down. It’s okay to give them a chance but it’s annoying to watch them not giving a shit about quality and experience for the last 4-7 years. I prefer PlayStation over Xbox, I always been upfront about that but Sony need some godamn competition to push them. The latest game award was just Sony vs Sony and you had Phil Spencer sitting there acting like an arrogant clown. I’m tired of this godamn situation.

  6. To be honest, I liked halo the way it looked minus ofc when you look up close at the enemies n shit, but I liked how it wasn't super realistic and everything was brightly colored. Kinda prefer it to be arcadie