Controversy Hits A New Nintendo Switch Game And Microsoft Responds To Xbox Drift | News Wave

January 4, 2021 43 Views

A strange controversy popped up over the weekend seeing calls for censorship around a game that is releasing on the eShop this week. Microsoft is currently fighting their own stick drift case similar to Nintendo and their Joycons. Now Microsoft has responded in court looking to move the case out of the courtroom altogether.

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00:00 – Start

00:48 – F-Zero GX Producer Talks Interest In The Franchise

2:29 – 13 Sentinels Sales

4:04 – Kingdom Come Deliverance Listed For Switch

4:55 – Cyberpunk Ghost Story Developer Pushes Back Against Censorship

9:36 – Microsoft Responds To Xbox Controller Drift Lawsuit

12:01 – Nier Automata Final Cheat Code Found

13:51 – Sony Discontinuing PS4 Models

16:04 – Comment Of The Day

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  1. kingdom come is still buggy even on xbox to this day, can't wait to see the trainwreck it is on switch. Great game but the game broke and I couldn't lockpick at all in the game anymore sadly gave up after like 8 hours since that's a pretty big part of the playstyle I was going for.

  2. Basically Uzaki-Chan all over again πŸ€¦πŸΎβ€β™‚οΈ hating on animΓ© chicks is just plain pathetic.
    And people thinking it's a ploy y'all need to stop 🀣 the 5 posts with the threats totally debunks the "ploy" (shame that their handles are covered cause they deserve the harassment that they should get)

    Censorship is never a good thing, lumping them with the "rest" because they are doing the right thing makes you look brainless, this is why nobody likes your comments.

    We need to bring AO (Adult's Only) back for the esrb
    and have a brand new rating for pegi for adults only.
    It has a rating system for a reason, parents need to be more responsible rather than pinning the blame on the people that make the game instead of themselves.

    All in all good thing they stood their ground and gave the Twitterati the middle finger now if others will follow suit and do the same to ResetEra then all is right with the world.
    These Tumblr rejects needs to be silenced once and for all.

  3. The "M" rating exists for a reason. We are long past the "games are only for kids" argument at this point (considering the median age is like mid 30's.) I don't need your faux outrage, Karen. Most people fully capable of making decisions for themselves without your intervention. As for the "think of the children" argument, how about parents learn to be parents again and actually take interest in what their kids are consuming…like actual "parents."

  4. Discontinuing PS4 already, even though it was doing so well throughout the whole generation? That's all kinds of ridiculous. PS2 was still manufactured even when PS4 came out.

  5. Oh boy, more bored adults and teens policing media for other adults which they have no intention of buying either way. It's always nice when someone tells them to shut up instead feeding into their grandstanding attention-seeking. If only they had any valuable skills outside of whining in Twitter so they could create what they want to see instead of forcing others to change things that aren't catering to their pouty little audience.

  6. In Terms of Speedrunning it is not that simple. There is more to it than that. Whether the community of Neir allows for that cheat code to be used at all. Also Speedrunning has different categories so it may be allowed to be used and it might be called Cheat code used or something similar. In terms of Xbox-one analog stick drift I got very lucky and never had any issues like that.

  7. there was no controversy or calls for censorship of Sense, the devs completely made it up to boost sales. and it worked, just look at the Steam reviews full of idiots saying they bought the game but didn't play it, to support the developer "standing up" to censorship. it's a shame, i was considering actually buying it, but i don't want to support the devs playing to the lowest common denominator like that. also, based on reviews i've read of people who actually played the game, it's not even really very good, so…