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January 3, 2021 238 Views

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  1. This and similar videos may come off as dramatized jokes or cynical true stories – but in reality this is good management education; also provide good exposure to juniors on how to communicate without being subservient. I'd suggest a few videos on why & how clients abroad employ consulting companies – that might be useful for juniors to understand your local managers and even corporate management is not evil but rather, each has a role. nice work.

  2. Naadi, narambu, buthi, ratham, sadhanu ellathulayum manager veri oori ponavanala mattumdhaan indha mathiri content la nadikka mudiyum . Top notch Ravi. Keep it up. Ofcourse no doubt that others too nailed it. Awesome writing by Hari…

  3. It's really nice.. big fan of this team.. can u create a video on last minute preparation for client demo ..and its not working .. project manager's frustration..etc.. if already video is there can any one share me…