All Monster In Sweet Home Kdrama (Webtoon vs Kdrama) | FANGIRLING MODE HYO

December 19, 2020 138 Views

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  1. How to kill every monster (with out fire) (and no half humans)
    Tongue monster: get to the point when the tongue can’t touch you and then slice it off
    Starving monster: let it starve to death (if it can) or atleast stab where it’s stomach is
    Blind monster: cut of it’s ears or hands basically
    Eyeball monster: basically cut it’s tentacles or atleast get multiple stabs in the eyes
    Steroid monster: I don’t thing there’s no way except fire
    Tentacles monster: cut off every tentacle
    Reach monster: like the same as tentacle monster
    Speed monster: get it caught on barbed wire
    Slime monster: there is no way but burn it
    Eye moss monster: idk really
    Guard monster: cut of it’s head or break it’s lawnmower to leave it defense less

  2. His name is "Tongue"…ladies,four play anyone? If Amber Rose, Black Chyna, Nicki multiple personality Minaj, Doja Cat and Saweetie basically the girls who made fame on their backs and knees showed up… Would you sacrifice them? Let's not be PC or any of that crap
    .. This is what they do, what they've trained for their whole lives. Would you offer them up to survive?