What's on my Xbox Series X? [December 2020] – Lamarr Wilson

December 14, 2020 64 Views

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  1. their two games on my wishlist for now assassin's creed valhalla and immortal pheonix rising i was very interested when they announced it but 133$ for the game (season pass version) is to much I'm waiting for som sail, oh and just bough cyberpunk to recently didn't have much time playing cause i was to busy with destiny and school.

  2. I’m with you. 100hrs in Valhalla before I got on Cyberpunk. Love Valhalla. Look forward to the next in the series. Definitely have high hopes for it. Approximately 40 or so into Cyberpunk. Highly recommend it and really hoping Cdprojektred get all these bugs and technical issues sorted out.

  3. If you don’t want to have any problems with cyberpunk 2077 then go play it on the PC Steam gives achievements also not just Xbox Microsoft could of added this game to their windows 10 but they didn’t Xbox series x is no where close to a PC yet consoles aren’t as powerful as a PC

  4. Why do people say the Xbox series s doesn't have 4K it makes no sense cuz there's a 4K set on the Xbox series s and I played Saints row 5 with a TV without 4K and then I went on to a TV with 4K and it was a huge difference so why are people saying there's no 4k on the Xbox series s people are stupid they're just trying to hate on it

  5. I’m playing cyberpunk on my Xbox series x for 2 days so far no problems with the game you just got me worried a little so I had to wait until I can find one to rent it’s either your Xbox series x isn’t working correctly you should go replace it it please fine on my Xbox one X also no one said Xbox one x or Xbox series x they having problems with it’s just Xbox one and PS4 that’s not my problem no one upgrades their consoles to the newest version stays stuck with the older version once I saw Xbox one S I heard it plays 4K I went and bought one once they announced Xbox one x heard it’s true 4K more powerful I went and bought it then I bought the Xbox series x and PS5 this game plays just fine on the Xbox one X and Xbox series X the same goes for PC you don’t upgrade your graphics card it’ll play like trash