This Is REALLY Why Xbox Series X/S Controllers Still Use Batteries

January 8, 2021 62 Views

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Xbox controllers are still using AA batteries ‘because of long-term Duracell deal’, spokesperson claims yesterday however that’s not true. Let’s discuss.

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  1. I prefer this method. Why? Because of the ability to change out your own batteries; especially if they're rechargeable. If the rechargeable batteries start to go bad, you can simply change them out without having to use a screwdriver JUST to open the controller in order to replace it. Sorry Sony, but I don't like spending $60 for a new controller when the rechargeable battery fails, WHILE the controller itself is still in VERY functional order.

  2. I prefer rechargeable controllers over AA. 1) there is less waste going to landfills 2) most people don’t recycle them dead batteries 3) I have a second controller for quick swapping 4) in most case the rechargeable battery last longer then analog sticks or the rest of the controller 5) good AA batteries are expensive

  3. Built in battery is why I didn't buy the elite 2. I know others didn't for the same reason.

    We use packs because it take 2 seconds to switch instead of plugging a cord in while playing and also have a headset plugged into it.

  4. Here's the thing, Microsoft could include a rechargeable battery pack with every controller and people would still have the choice of using AAs as long as the battery pack was removable like it is now. They just choose not to.

  5. Never had that problem. Just recharge after your done playing or even during playing if you forget. Never heard of battery failure in a DS4 or 3 controller, much less think it will be an issue in DS5 with lithium vs an old school acid battery. Or ever have to worry about one exploding or leaking inside my controller at random like AAs sometimes tend to do. But each their own.

  6. Look with built in batteries youre controller has a life span. Every time you charge and drain it, it wears it out. Theyll hold less of a charge over time. For Xbox controllers i just buy a set of rechargeable AA and call it day. If your controller dies just swap batteries no need to wait for it to charge. Plus your controller will last longer.

  7. I agree with xbox's choice here. It allows flexibility. I personally use rechargeable batteries. But I've had personal experience with wanting to play a game with a friend on his playstation, and the controller is dead. Then there is nothing you can do. Convenient when you remember to charge it, but then you are done if you don't. And yes, rechargeable batteries will degrade over time, which is a big concern. With xboxes controllers, I can just get a new battery pack if the current one died. And I can use normal batteries if I get in a pinch. Far more convenient than a built in battery in my opinion. It costs you a little extra cash for a charge kit, but it's worth it.

  8. Nah man. I got the $25 play and charge kit for my new Xbox controller and have never looked back. It's fantastic. Just the fact that I don't have to open the damn battery poor for the controller was worth the price.

  9. I'm really glad xbox decided to stay with replaceable batteries. I use a battery pack and once I'm done playing I sit my controller in its dock and it ready next time I play. And I never have to worry about replacing the whole controller once the battery goes bad.

  10. Alkalines and esspecially zinc-carbons has alot higher risk of leaking than lithium. Personally I have never seen a lithium leak. Having to replace batteries all the time is why my wii controllers are never in use.

  11. The batteries that come with new Xbox controllers are obviously Duracell batteries but technically the batteries have no logo and say " Not for Retail Sale". Microsoft is just using off brand Duracell batteries that technically aren't Duracell and have no affiliation with Duracell.

  12. There really is no benefit to having aa battery controllers if you forget to charge you can play with it connected to a wire & I’ve never had or know anyone who had an issue with the battery burning out my default ps3 & ps4 controllers still work fine. There’s more cons in having non rechargeable controllers & Microsoft is definitely losing potential customers just because of that

  13. The playstation controller or eni others contollers who have the bateryes build in are just like a phone you ca just charging while you playng IQ 1.0000
    The xbox controller just consoms precios resorces, end that rechargeble bathey they have made why is not comming witch the xbox

  14. the real conspiracy is why they designed the xbox controller to suit Duracell's slightly larger diameter, cheaper battery manufacturer AA's have an ever so slightly smaller diameter… meaning they are a little looser inside the controller, I use rechargeable battery packs, but i always have some cheap AA's to hand

  15. Lol,your great man. I like my elite 2 w rechargeable (it lasts literally for 2 or 3 weeks on 1 charge) But also always have AA and AAA batteries lying around, so I don't mind Series controller using AA. And won't buy rechargeable pack for it. No need.

  16. Batteries no longer holding a charge is exactly why I prefer AA batteries. Heck I even use rechargable AA batteries these days for my GaneBoy and XBox 360 controllers, but rechargeable AA batteries don't require me to take the whole controller apart to replace. Additionally AA batteries are a standard, proprietary rechargeable battery packs are not and may become hard to find in the future.

  17. Man thats some bs. If it's all about "consumer choice" then why the don't they sell the Xbox with a rechargeable battery pack? The fact of the matter is the consumer still has to shell out extra money if they prefer the rechargeable battery pack. So spare me the consumer choice nonsense.

  18. Although I understand having more options is nice, I have not had trouble with my DS3 or DS4 controllers. The life and condition of the batteries seems to be great. My DS3 still work well in 2021 (I got it in 2008). My DS4's battery is still seemingly healthy. I played 6+ hours with the DS3 from 2008-2014. I play 4+ hours with the DS4 on most days since 2013 (although I really started playing more in late 2014). I also play at my desk, so charging is a breeze. I charge every night or every other night if I'm lazy.

    I only wish it had the Switch's pro controller battery life.. now that is some amazing stuff.