Sony Makes Xbox Fans Flip Out With PS5 News That Wasn't Supposed To Happen!

December 22, 2020 116 Views

When it rains it pours on Microsoft, and today’s PlayStation 5 news really shows how far team Xbox has yet to go before they can really be considered in competition with Sony or pretty much any gaming company. They have some decent ideas for sure, but Sony obviously have been doing this longer and seem to have some sort of Xbox insider that lets them know what Microsoft is doing before they even know!


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  1. You Gotta cut down your intros my guy. 4 minutes into the video and there’s not even a mention on what the video is about. For those wondering is that the XBox series S isn’t powerful enough to play at a native 4K

  2. Wasting my time with people who get more likes than giving knowledge, x box and Ps5 are taking you all for a ride and from your pockets. Two new consoles x box is totally un repairable now and ps5 keeping you short on disk space.

  3. I think your point is that the series S can’t play 4K very well if at all, but it’s not very clear cause you ramble on too much. I’m not a fan of Xbox after 360 so only see their console as a worse cheaper version of a dumbed down computer but even then I wouldn’t spend 11 min not really giving clear reasons why I got my point across in one sentence. Script out your videos if you do this later and make sure you aren’t just talking for no reason.