I made the Cyberpunk 2077 PS5 Controller Sony DIDN'T

December 11, 2020 11 Views

With a game of Cyberpunk 2077’s magnitude about to drop you would think that Sony would be doing some sweet custom controllers to commemorate such an occasion… RIGHT?! Guess not… well, time to take matters into our own hands!

Pucho –

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Links to Products used in this video from Alumilite:
Resin used (use code rocker10 for 10% off)-
Silicone used (use code rocker10 for 10% off) –
silicone to silicone mold release (use code rocker10 for 10% off) –
Metallic Black Pigment –

Link to Products used in this video from Amazon:
Scale –
Vacuum Chamber –
Plastilina Clay –
Resin to Silicone Mold Release –
Silicone to Silicone Mold Release –
Resin (alumilite clear, use code rocker10 for 10% off) –
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Small Measuring cubs and stir sticks –
More Resin Mica Powder –
Pearlescent powder –
Super Glue with Activator –
Syringes –
Mold Base/Corrugated Plastic Sheet –

Pressure Pot I use –

Soldering Tools I use:
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Other Helpful Tools:
Triwing Screw drive and Nintendo Gamebits –
Basic Multimeter –
Precision Probes for Multimeter –
Precision file set –
Gorilla Super Glue –
joystick butter –

Intro – LegendofXela (@TheLegendOfXela) –

Music Credits:
Intro song by Tristan Lohengrin :

Rymdkraft – Vamire Killer Remix –

Megusmusic – MegaMan 2 Wily’s Castle Remix –

RAC – Chemical Plan Zone –


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  1. If you were worried about the texture on the back of the controller you should have tried rit dye. When you dye plastic it leaves the texture unchanged while still being able to color the plastic. It's also more durable than paint since it won't chip or crack.

  2. As much as I like playing with the new dual sense it just looks plain damn awful as does the PS 5 cover. White is dreadful and the sooner options are available the better. Your take just looks so good and there are quite a few vids where people have jumped right in and gave themselves an option. You are wise people. Sony are you watching.