Kids Are In Better Shape Than You. Ken Rogerson – Full Special

December 30, 2020 15 Views

Kids are in better shape than you… or at least they’re in better shape than Ken Rogerson. In this full Dry Bar Comedy special from Ken Rogerson, Ken breaks down everything from swallowing a tooth to sucking at golf and he’s sure to keep you laughing from start to finish.

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  1. I was LMAO so hard at how to spell knife I dropped about 10 stitches off my knitting needle b/c I remembered having a similar conversation with my son in 4th grade about spelling the word knave.

  2. I'm approaching my mid 50's. All my life I had a bit of a weight problem. I was in the Army for 14 years and every 6 months I had to starve to meet weight of 195 lbs at 6 foot 2 in. Yet strangely today, I fit comfortably in my 32 X 36 Levis. They even get baggy after a few hours. After the military, I had grown into a 44 waist but once I retired the pounds just melted away. I think the key is to not even think about it and eat when you're hungry ONLY! And yea, I don't watch TV…….

  3. The K actually comes from the days when people didn't know how to spell, and they would kinda just make up their own spelling for words. Then they said that spelling is right, and people would start using it. Eventually, it just became the popularly correct way, and now they teach it that way in schools.