Cyberpunk 2077 – PS4 Patch / Update 1.06 vs 1.1 (1.10) Frame-Rate Test Gameplay

January 23, 2021 14 Views

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  1. need to ask, did you clean and re.paste your ps4, did you replace the hdd with an ssd? also thank you for posting these, as I suspected they did not improve the fps much, but I'm happy to see they stabilised the frame times significantly

  2. This is bullshit and I mean it cdpr u guys think that the hardware on ps 4 can’t handle this engine that is a plain lie look at open world games like red dead redemption 2 or gta they are running so well on this same very console cdpr learn something take a class or two from rockstars on how to make open world games it’s a fucking shame .

  3. Thought i'd give it ago earlier today on Xbox one (haven't played it once yet even though owning it since christmas… wanted to wait for the big update) and instantly wasn't enjoying it at all, even at the character creation screen I had a weird glitch that pixelated the whole character so I couldn't even see what choices I was making lmao…

  4. The fact that hitman 3 can run at 60 FPS on consoles with triple the amount of NPCS says something and yes you can play hitman at 60fps on base consoles as well and they made that game in 3 years compared to this shittt that can barely run at a sold 30 FPS lmaooooo the lesson here is to never trust a video game by its trailers or gameplay revivals