Sony Admits Massive PS5 Problem Happening Right Now! They Might Never Be Able To Fix This!

January 6, 2021 12 Views

The latest PlayStation 5 issue that has come up could be one that hurts Sony long term for a while to come if they can’t change course, and sadly it seems like they may never fully be able to change things around, which would be a devastating blow to console gaming in general. If PS5 can’t break through, what chances do any game console have?


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  1. It’s simply because they don’t have enough stock. You cant have sales with no stock. They shut down almost all ps4 production to increase ps5 production so we will see a rise in sales soon enough especially when the bangers hit.

  2. Geez, like you say so many times “It’s about the games!!!”. I’m sorry but, this is a flip flop through and through. Sony has no games unlike Nintendo and mobile. They sell the game Sony won’t put on their systems. Follow the sales.

  3. Sony is more global than ever as PS4 was already less than PS3 . Japan has become a less relevant market for them.

    It’s good news for NA and Europe as they will get more focus going forward.

    Japan is only about 10% of Sony‘s sales.

  4. Like the coronavirus had nothing to do with lower sales in the whole world……..factories closed etc……if they couldve got more machines out it wouldve thrashed the ps4 sales…….i only know one mate who managed to bag a ps5….the other 20 are still waiting for new stock………

  5. 2:48 Not anymore, Sony HQ is in California now, lot of people didn't get the message it seems.
    Why does it matter you will say? Well Crippling japanese developers with terrible content policies. Not a good idea.
    They are focusing on the western market, Japan Sony branch is sacrificed, look at the Top names recent departur there.
    They are shooting themselves in the foot and will definnetly regret it in this generation. Also censorship and stock. Obvious result.

  6. You know japans in a second state of emergency from COVID right now right? Obviously that’s not the only reason but it needs to be considered……. they’re communist under lockdown. Hmmmm especially since Sony is now primarily an American company since they moved their main HQ to the states. Japan under lockdown shuts their borders down completely

  7. If PS5 controllers was similar to a PSVita and had L2 and R2 buttons then I would buy the device but with PS5 I would need a better TV/HDMI cable and games costing hundred dollars aswell plus there is the hidden electric bill..

    I played Spelunky local co op with 3 PSVita's and the ones who participated had a good time for sure…
    I imagine most indie games for PS5 will be on Ninty Switch coz Shovel Knight would sell better on the Switch and so would any other none exclusive indie games

  8. You have got to be the worst content creator on YouTube. Your video titles are continuously misleading and you ramble on about nothing. Absolutely nothing discussed in this video has to do with a PS5 problem that Sony can’t fix.