Cloud 9 vs TSM – Game 2 | Quarter Finals LCS Lock In 2021 | C9 vs TSM G2

January 24, 2021 76 Views

Lock In TSM vs C9 G2 S11 LCS 2021 Spring Quarter Finals – TSM vs Cloud 9 Game 2 lol eSports NA Lock In 2021.
LoL eSports S11 LCS Lock In Tournament – C9 vs TSM League of Legends NA LCS 2021 Cloud 9 vs TSM VOD 1080p Full HD.
Fourth match of the day – Cloud 9 vs TSM best of 3 Game 2.
TSM vs C9 G2 full game in HD 1080p.

Cloud 9 Line-up:
Fudge – top Gragas
Blaber – jungle Hecarim
Perkz – Mid Akali
Zven – Bot Kaisa
Vulcan – support Alistar

Team Solomid Line-up:
Huni – top Gangplank
Spica – jungle Nidalee
PowerOfEvil – mid Twisted Fate
Lost – ADC Jhin
SwordArt – support Thresh

Patch: 11.01 – Season 11
Game date: 23.01.2021 | 01/23/2021 | January 23rd 2021
Game place: online
Casters: Captain Flowers and Kobe

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  1. So stupid. TSM drafted 3 carries, aiming for the late game, but then forces plays, that are pointless. There was no need to waste TF's flash, because without it – POE cannot pressure the lane anymore, because of Hecarim's gank opportunity, if TSM wanted to play for the late game, they should've drafted another jungler, like Ivern, Shen or Lillila, because they can easily support solo laners, and they scale well into the late game. TSM's compostions sucks, that's true, but they didn't even try to play around their champs

  2. Perkz has faker level reaction time. Not even exaggerating. Dude is really good at league of legends. I used to hate on him just being an NA fan but his last few years on G2 convinced me, hes one of the western GOATs of league