Why Pfizer And Moderna Can't Be Sued For Covid Vaccine Side Effects

December 22, 2020 13 Views

The U.S. began vaccinating the population against the coronavirus earlier this month, but mass adoption is not a guarantee. Roughly four in ten Americans say they would “definitely” or “probably” not get a vaccine, according to a recent survey by the Pew Research Center. Watch this video to find out how major stakeholders plan to convince the entire country to trust a vaccine made in record time, using mRNA technology that’s never before been licensed.

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Why The U.S. Should Trust The Covid-19 Vaccine


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  1. 1940’s and 50’s the government conducted studies on children at the Fernald School in Massachusetts, which housed mentally disabled and abandoned children. They injected them with radio active tracers and also laced their oatmeal with radioactive substances. Boys aged 10-17! Evil existed then and it exists now.

  2. The vaccines produced by India and China are based upon inactivated virus and are safer. These two countries also have the necessary serum production facilities. However US is controlled by big pharma = money before life, the capitalist way

  3. Passing this kind of deplorable condition on the American citizen further shows how the corrupt medical system and pharmaceutical companies "own and control" the government (FDA – Federal Drug Ass-Kissing Administration). It's SHAMEFUL!

  4. We can not sure any company for any vaccine.
    That has been law for years if not decades.
    Big Pharma is in the business to make money.
    You can t make my money by curing anyone.
    This was common knowledge pre Covid.
    Hank Aaron took the Covid vaccine and passed away 3 weeks later.
    Hank Aaron took the vaccine to show America that it is safe.
    Thank you for your sacrifice Mr. Aaron for showing up the truth about the vaccine.

  5. So you survive the virus, but can have long term health issues or death. Pharmaceutical, FDA, CDC, governments, employers should be held accountable. Or let it be freedom of choice. We are not properties of any man to do as they wel

  6. I believe there is only compensation available from the secret vaccine court of which 96% of the litigation brought to the court fails. So it is we the people who pay the 4% of successful claims, …..since1986 no pharmaceutical manufacturer of vaccines has ever been held liable.