EREN RETURNS!? | Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 3 Breakdown

December 21, 2020 117 Views

This video explains episode 3 of Attack on Titan season 4, including the return of a certain character and Reiner’s backstory. During this episode, we get to see the invasion of Paradis but from the perspective of the warrior candidates instead. In the present day, Falco also struggles to figure out how to surpass Gabi. Eren makes as an appearance, as he reveals his identity (to the audience) by telling Falco something that he learnt from Reiner.

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Attack on titan season 4 episode 3 was called The Door of Hope and it starts off with Reiner back at his childhood home in Liberio. As he lies on his bed, he begins to reminisce about the past and we see a younger Reiner struggling through the intense training to become a warrior candidate. The anime left this part out, but in the manga, Reiner watched on as Bertolt, Annie and Marcel were selected to be candidates before he was, which emphasised that Reiner was the least skilled of the eventual warrior candidates.

Thanks to his unwavering dedication to Marley Reiner was still selected to become a warrior candidate in the end, and Zeke tells them that all of them (except one), will be inheriting a titan soon. As we saw, Porco was certain that would be Reiner.

After a beatdown from Porco, we got a better understanding of Reiner’s motivations. In that scene, Reiner reveals that he wants to become an honorary Marlayean so that his mother and father can live together, but the underlying motivation beneath that is that he wants to be a hero to the world by eliminating the devils on the island. This is partly why later in the episode, he convinces the other warriors to continue with the mission, even after marcel had died.

The anime showed us this a flashback of a young Eren inside the walls looking up at the sky. This was a moment we previously saw in season 1, in which Armin showed Eren a book of things about the outside world. This is what sparked Eren’s desire to see the ocean and free himself from the confines of the walls and it just so happened to occur on the same day that Reiner stated his desire become a hero.

Moving on, the flashback then has a little time skip. By this point Reiner has inherited the armoured titan as we knew he would and he helps take down an enemy nation alongside his comrades. It was pretty awesome seeing all 7 of these titans in action simultaneously, not to mention witnessing Marcel’s jaw titan for the first time. Marcel is the brother of Porco, who is the current jaw titan in the present day.

Four candidates were selected for the invasion of Paradis island, with the beast titan and cart titan being left behind so that they could deter enemy nations from attacking Marley in the meantime. During the parade, Reiner spots his estranged father, who is a Marlyean citizen and not an Eldian. Throughout his childhood, Reiner thought that if he became a warrior, then he’d be able to live with his parents but as we can see his father wanted absolutely nothing to do with them and basically considers Reiner’s existence to be a mistake.

The anime then progresses to the invasion of the island.

Eren is revealed int he latter part of the episode


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  1. how is it possible that the injured soldier is eren ? if it is eren why hasn’t his wounds held since he is a titan? why was he at war for them in the first place? where is mikasa and armin? how did he get there?

  2. Anyone else notice the easter egg/preview in this ep? When they're all in the yard talking about inheriting titans, Zeke throws the apple at Marcel (His Beast titan's ability in the future) and Marcel takes a bite then gives it to Porco who takes a bite (They both become Jaw titan, and sort of indirectly, but Porco is handed the Jaw titan after Marcel) These writers are brilliant I tell ya!!

  3. Day 1 Of my theory until you do a video about this

    Deku And Uraraka Siblings Theory (This is original by me)

    So- I believe This and this is why. This Is first going to start with the similarities with Ochaco Uraraka And Inko Midoriya. First is appearance. Ochaco And Inko Have almost the same hairstyle, Hair isn't everything. They have the same eyes (Different colors of course) But the same style. And inko's quirk is a weaker version of Ochacos. Inko's Is telekinesis And Ochacos Is Zero Gravity. If Inko Trained her quirk to its full potential, Then it would be an EXACT copy of Urarakas. But. Again. this isn't the entire theory. As you said Kohei Is a fan Of starwars. And Luke and Leaha

    Felt "Fellings" together like Ochaco with Izuku. Later in the Series Luke finding out that they are siblings. And why would Ochaco be poor? Because her parents used there money to Adopt Ochaco. Making it my theory.

  4. The thing I hate is not the cgi I absolutely love it and am ok with it the thing I mostly hate and fear are scene removals whenever I wait for a new episode of season 4 I am just terrified that they might remove important pieces

  5. What I hate about season 4 is they act like the people on Paradise are the devils but don't notice the real devils are those who broke the peace treaty between King Fritz and Marley

    King Fritz made a deal with Helos that he and those eldians he choose to paradise such as the Ackermann clan and Riess family, he had a wall built for a reason so he and the others on the island could have peace.

    One country wanted death of the Eldians on the island
    While those on the island had years of peace and had to suffer with all the bullshit Marley sent there one titan after another. Starting with Eren Kruger betraying the officers through as secret name the night owl or whatever and his final years alive givin his titan form to Grisha and grisha taking the founding titan from the Reiss family by force.

    So far right now I think the rumbling is probably a good idea right now fuck the marlyeans and anyone manga reader who thinks Eren is the bad guy.