Dave Chappelle Unforgiven [Full Show] – Explaining the dilemma from Comedy Central and HBO

December 4, 2020 14 Views

Dave Chappelle Unforgiven [Full Show] – Explaining the stories that are more similar from his child bringing to Comedy Central and HBO (dave chappelle what do we need you for?) being harsh on him when he peached the special to them, and his unforgivable thoughts on the Chappelle show being streamed on HBO Max And Netflix. Dave Chappelle Unforgiven gives us a look into the brilliant mind of Dave Chappelle. Dave Chappelle Unforgiven Full Clip

Time Stamps
00:05 Dave Chappelle introduced onto the stage at age of 14 Years
01:35 Stolen joke
04:08 60 dollars lost to the game
08:03 Complicated terminology contracts
10:25 HBO declining Dave Chappelle (what do we need you for?)
12:00 Why Dave like working for Netflix
14:40 Exposing the network (Comedy Central)
16:10 Boycott Chappelle Show till they pay Dave

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  1. I don't think taking CShow out of Netflix was the best idea. I would have instead propose Dave 60% (or whatever) of the gains of the streaming of the show, so he would not only feel better, but gain at least part of the money he never got. He could even give it to a charity, in an interview with Oprah where he said "it's not about the money. Give it to a charity if you want". So this would have been a great opportunity to make a point in a constructive way, what would have pushed CC to do something about it.

  2. Dave became disgruntled over the years, it's actually kind of hard to watch, everything with Dave these days has to do with race, but not in the funny way.
    He was my most favorite comedian, but guy became bitter, and it's kind of painful to watch him speak out of weakness, rather than his previous strength to laugh about stuff like this.
    I saw him break after he came back from Africa, he was never the same.
    He has a huge hate in his heart now, but he covers it through comedy.
    I miss old Dave, when he was happy.

  3. The industry can be so raw, I have sat back and seen yrs of it. not just Dave's issues, but other actors too. I'm an Ohio resident, a whole brain, and fed up with shit too!!! I'm shocked I'm not seeing horiscopes being done for $1 on youtube ads like the old commercials we use to see on t.v. when I was a kid. I haven't seen that show, wanted to, but only rightfully. I sure hope I don't hear something bad happen to him, fucking with their industry is horrible. they either take you to jail, or take you down, they have their ways. I love what you are doing, I support ya!!! stay safe, and hope one day soon, we can laugh about all this!!!