CYBERPUNK 2077 PS4 1.00 vs 1.06 Launch Version vs. Current Patch

January 14, 2021 23 Views

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    This video is not to hate on the developers, but to show the hard work they put into the game in such a short amount of time since release !

    Patch 1.06 came out a mere two weeks after the game launched. If CDPR would of just waited, delayed the console release until March 2021 I am pretty sure there would of not been these many performance issues and we would of had a stable game to enjoy !

  2. Still needs lots of work. It's the best worst game I've played. Really hope they do not add multiple player. This game will crash way more. If they do, cuz people what it, I'd be ok with co-op up to 4 people. Even that will probably be to much for this

  3. It is still a lifeless mess they cannot fix AI with patches they cannot add immersion which they promised this game will stay like this forever and i am saying all this after investing 60+hrs i played it on my pc and did not face many performance issues but performance asids it just doesn't feel that fun after u complete the main story they said there will be different outcomes of each mission based on ur choices they said entire night city will be explorable they said u will be able to buy cars and this that fu*** liars i never played any witcher game so i had no idea about how good cdpr is but now i know they are noobs ?

  4. You see the issue is not just the bugs but that the game itself is garbage with shit NPCs without a routine, no interaction with whatever is present in the world. It doesn't give you that feel that even when you are not playing this game, the world is alive and things are happening in it. So I dunno man I don't think the bugs and glitches are the main issues with it but the fact that the story is dead and for an open world RPG there is zero immersiveness is what makes this game not worth it at all. Also, I added the hotfix 1.06 I got screenshots of how the game hasn't improved much like you can see the draw distance issue even in your video is clearly visible and then these smudgy textured objects that have zero detail and look like they were made from putty.

  5. Anybody else get a lot of surface noise constantly moving until I get close too the texture or surface? Trying too figure out if my monitor is the problem or the game. Most games I play don’t have this but some have like tlou2 but that also had perma film grain.

  6. As much as I love the game, it really has obvious shortcomings. Wish they’d just label it “game preview” or beta from the get-go to avoid the negatives they are receiving now. Hoping the game will still be polished to its best sooner.