Manga Spice Cafe Unboxing 2021

January 21, 2021 15 Views

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Manga Spice Cafe Unboxing 2019
Manga Spice Cafe is a unique Japanese mystery subscription box in that it contains food, drink and 3 manga volumes to read inside! What more could you want?
Create your own mini Manga Cafe!
Grab yours here:


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  1. Great video as always ja.
    Guessing by your reaction those green sticks were wasabi not green tea.
    Also, cheers, now craving a bag of quavers and a carton of ribena, AKA my childhood Saturday afternoon snack!

  2. Here is a trick to get super big ramen ? noodles.

    1) put the noodles in water, partially cover with a lid, and microwave 3-3.5 minutes

    2) seperate and swirl the noodles (put flavor pack in if wanted)

    3) let sit in microwave 5-10 min, and then swirl/seperate the noodles again

    4) microwave noodles again for 3-3.5 minutes.

    5) take out, and let cool a bit and enjoy the super swollen noodles.

  3. Ofc noodles should be cooked, but actually just try once breaking it up, put in a bag add the powder and shake it up and eat like a snack. I done it many times when i craved snacks and didnt want to bother go shopping, noodles i always have at home. Works perfect if you are into savory snacks.

  4. Oh myyy, I never understood how people can eat instant noodles raw either ? Sakura and Mochi are Cherry Blossom and Rice Cakes. I usually like things with Sakura taste, but I never had Mochi. A friend of mine said they're disgusting and I never dared eating them since ?