Gol D. Roger vs Xebec D. Rox Manga Inspired Characters

January 1, 2021 14 Views

So I thought that drawing a Gol D. Roger vs Xebec D. Rox manga inspired characters was gonna be super duper hard. But surprisingly so it was really easy & rewarding.

I’m mean in the past I hard a very difficult time drawing original anime characters but this time it was kind of effortless. It’s probably honestly due to the fact that I’ve been drawing original manga characters for years.

It was hard enough creating my own manga characters let alone coming up with my own drawing style. Now though I not only have my own style but I’m able to draw with less and less effort. I’ve always wanted to use some anime/manga software and possibly do traditional art but for now imma stick to doing traditional art. Using One Piece as a reference is one of my go to because One Piece as weird as the style of art is has some of the rawest scenes.

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