Trump didn't create politics behind Capitol siege, he exploited them: analyst

January 7, 2021 13 Views

Former CBC News chief political correspondent Keith Boag said what unfolded at the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6 was partly incited by Donald Trump, but the politics at its root were in place long before the current president.

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  1. Some folk are saying this was organized by democrats which is how they got by the police so easily. Apparently one of them was a recognized member of a well known 'peaceful protester' group. Would certainly be a good excuse to label Trump supporters as t.e.rr.o.r.ys.ts.

  2. i'm excited to see what will happen to america once biden declared as the president, but no it will be the worst. it won't be good!! the media is manipulating the situation and some of it is stage only very obvious!!

  3. Single factor analysis, and too focused on media influence. If he's going to go back to the 1980's looking for root causes, then he should broaden his scope. The early 1980's was also the point at which real wage growth stagnated while business productivity continued to climb. It's been that way ever since and wealth inequality has grown with it. That stagnation in wage growth marked the beginning of a shift in the American way of life. It's hard to ignore as a factor, if the 1980's is considered a starting point.

  4. Where was the outrage over the summer when ANTIFA, BLM and Pro-Biden supporters torched businesses, Federal buildings and intimidated innocent people? Dozens were killed. The media labeled them "peaceful protestors." Kamala Harris even helped raise bail money for these thugs. The media looks the other way, unless it fits their narrative. So many simple sheep on here…

  5. It wasn't ONLY Trump supporters. John Earle Sullivan from Utah, BLM supporter, he was arrested in July 2020, he was also part of the siege.
    Probably some people PAID for activists like him to infiltrate Trump supporters because I don't believe he changed his mind.

  6. Yeah blame trump but the people were obviously upset about the election and feel the govt is corrupt the republicans have shown to be no better then the Democrats even after trump is gone they'll still be mad in fact when Biden takes over it'll get worse so blaming trump is a cop out

  7. You are giving out FALSE information. It was ANTIFA who were planted in the crowd dressed as Trump supporters who climbed the wall invaded the Capitol. There is evidence and witnesses of ANTIFA arriving in vans. The police opened the GATES in some areas. The MEDIA AND DEMOCRATIC PARTY are the ones exploiting and starting a riot. The Trump supporter were seen yelling ANTIFA and trying to stop the attack
    Get your facts right and investigate before you spread the false ACCUSATIONS in the news

  8. You failed to research the storming of the Capitol . Antifa lead the charge on the complex and some patriots followed. Some of the police inside directed these invaders once they were inside. Wait to see who gets arrested for planning this intrusion . Wait to see who gets arrested for election fraud . Wait to see who gets arrested for crimes against the country and the people. Nancy and her criminal friends are in extreme panic mode.

  9. You take a mortal man

    And put him in control

    Watch him become a god

    Watch people's heads a-roll

    A-roll, A-roll

    Just like the Pied Piper

    Led rats through the streets

    We dance like marionettes

    Swaying to the Symphony of Destruction

  10. I hope Trump gets impeached. They say if he isn't, he still gets $200,000 / yr.. and can run again for President. I hear he's trying to pardon himself and his family. I hope he can't. People are wondering if he'll give a blanket pardon to all who rioted at the Capitol. If he does, doesn't that make him look more like the ring leader. Speaking of leaders, Pence is no leader. He won't invoke the 25th and he wasn't returning calls from the Dem's. Even though Trump threw him under the bus, he still kisses his butt.