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0:00 Intro
2:00 Amazon DID restock the ps5s
4:35 amazon ps5 warehouse stuff still there
5:53 more amazon ps5 bundle info
7:16 let me know if any of you guys got a ps5 from amazon
8:03 how cool it is to know amazon’s info

Thanks to EVERYONE who has joined recently, please note I am financially secure and you do not need to do it at all. I appreciate the thought though!

Where to buy PS5 — PS5 stock tracker for Walmart, Target and moreFind where to buy PS5 and use this page to tack PS5 restocks you’re not sure where to buy a PS5, you’ve not alone — and you’ve come to the right place. In the weeks since Sony’s latest console went on sale, it’s been nigh impossible to find either the standard PS5 ($499) and PS5 Digital Edition ($399) in stock. Retailers have been sold out of both, across the world, for the majority of the time. The demand simply has outmatched the supply, and that’s unlikely to change anytime soon.

Still some PS5 stock pops up, with retailers like Walmart, Best Buy, and GameStop adding new consoles to their inventory at sporadic intervals. ready to pounce on those consoles the instant they appear online.

finding where to buy a PS5.Where to buy PS5: Check PS5 stock right now
PS5 was out of stock, bu Use the links below to check where to buy the PS5. If there is any stock available

Walmart: PS5 | PS5 Digital Edition (get stock notifications)
Best Buy: PS5 | PS5 Digital Edition
GameStop: PS5 | PS5 Digital Edition
Amazon: PS5 | PS5 Digital Edition (currently unavailable)
Target: PS5 | PS5 Digital Edition
Sony: PS5 | PS5 Digital Edition
Newegg: PS5 | PS5 Digital Edition (auto notify available)
Adorama: PS5 | PS5 Digital Edition | BundlesWhere to buy PS5: Latest stock updates, who to follow
The Sony Twitter account is worth following so you can get notifications about the next batches of available PS5 units.

If you’re struggling to find any PS5 stock anywhere, don’t give up hope. Sony recently tweeted that it’s working to get more PS5 consoles ready for the end of the year.

“Demand for PS5 is unprecedented, so we wanted to confirm that more PS5 inventory will be coming to retailers before the end of the year – please stay in touch with your local retailers,” said Sony.

If you do manage to get a PS5, it’s possible that it could be stolen before it even reaches your door. Many Amazon PS5 customers have claimed that their shipments have gone missing, and Amazon U.K

PS5: $499 at Walmart
Check stock Walmart has started selling the PS5, complete with protection plans that start at $58 for 3 years of service. Currently it’s unavailable. You can also sign up for alerts when it’s back in stock.PS5: $499 at Amazon
Out of stock Amazon has started selling the base PS5, but stock has sold out at the time of writing.PS5: $499 at Best Buy
Best Buy has started selling the PS5, .Target is selling the PS5, but like other retailers, stock has been going fast. The retailer also offers a 2 year protection planHow to buy PS5: Essential tips
Get prepared: Make sure you have all the right payment card details and two-factor authentication available and to hand when you find a PS5 ready to buy. secure a PS5 order.

whole process of buying a PS5 a bit complicated. We suggest you select a couple of major retailers like Walmart and Amazon, and keep an eye on their PS5 landing pages.

Sign up to stock alerts: PS5 stock in PS5 or the PS5 Digital Edition.

when buying a PS5 if you spot one on sale.

PS5 stock when everywhere looks sold out. But regularly refresh product pages to see what pops up; for PS5 stock updates.
Ps5 restock walmart ps5 restock target ps5 restock best buy playstation 5 restock

All these ps5 restock videos have been super fun! if you want me to ask walmart people for ps5 restock info and playtation 5 let me!

This video is for the ps5 amazon info for the xbox series x and ps5 restock info at amazon. amazon almost confirmed a new PS5 restock for the 3rd week of december and newegg ps5 restocking info is usually BIG! Because use hearing about amazon and all the information they have for the ps5 restocking new is massive, to learn more and how to get a playstation 5 restock anyway!



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  1. I snagged one from Best Buy dude thanks for everything I hope it doesn’t get canceled like the kohl’s drop but It probably won’t because there were not a lot of bots because it was pick up only. Thanks bro

  2. Bro, I manage to get the ps5 yesterday from amazon. I happen to be on the page as it dropped. It was the easiest thing ever. Took less than 5 sec. The thing is I got a new debit card cause I lost the last one. I didn't update my payment info. so I got an email saying to update my payment. As I was inputting the new card info, I accidentally put the wrong exp date. I put 2024 instead of 2025. My bank thought it was a fraudulent charge so they declined. AND THEN AMAZON CANCELLED MY ORDER. It was supposed to come today too.

    My sanity is practically gone at this point

  3. I really feel like these drops have been regional. I've been off from work the past couple days and have been checking BB, WM, GS, AMZ, and Target religiously about every 30 minutes and haven't gotten anything. I may just be taking major L's, idk.

  4. Words of Advice. So not to be a one trick pony, THE PS5 RESTOCK CHANNEL, you should make other content. Perhaps one restocking video a day and other gaming content the other videos. If you don't strike while you have this short term captive audience. The subscriber bubble will burst when stock becomes plentiful and you will lose a great opportunity to retain subs you have acquired.

  5. Here in Ireland we are in lockdown, and more PS5's were supposed to be restocked this month but we are getting them in February, it's so annoying that more people would've been able to get a PS5 during December, but scalpers won't be scalping PS5's again as more consoles will be restocked. So don't be an idiot and waste your money when other people are smarter and get it for what it's worth