Nintendo's Disturbing Anti-Piracy Screens in Video Games (these will ruin your childhood btw)

January 24, 2021 68 Views


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Hello my loves! Today we are looking into the scary, disturbing anti-piracy screens currently going viral on YouTube from primarily Nintendo games. This is literally the Creepypasta of 2021 I think – it’s so crazy how the scary stories of lost video game cartridges and more evolved.
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These are the anti-piracy Screens that were shown:
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  1. I was playing once Pokemon Red on my emulator and suddenly when I went by boat to this one island where a hypno wanted to kidnap a child the char told me to buy the game or go die xD That was really interesting

  2. In middle school we had a woman(i think she worked for the government) come and talk to us about how dangerous and criminal piracy stuff was, she got me so freaked out thinking i was gonna go to jail for making my friends mix cds it was ridiculous

  3. Hi Loey, I love this upload, thank you for looking into this 🙂 I'm a gamer chick and grew up and in the 90s so this all sooo relatable, interesting and fun! I'd love anymore videos like this, anything related to gaming or the 90s ^_^ Love to you, you're glowing and looking gorgeous here (and always)!