Carey Mulligan – “Promising Young Woman” & The Comedy in Tragedy | The Daily Social Distancing Show

January 20, 2021 43 Views

Carey Mulligan breaks down how her new movie “Promising Young Woman” tackles sexual assault through comedy, strategic casting and more. #DailyShow #TrevorNoah #CareyMulligan

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  1. Nice echo chamber you have created. John Stewart was the most trusted news source in the ??. You are an obvious troll, helping to divide our country. Cancel Trevor.

  2. Very important movie. It was very hard for me to watch, since I came expecting a much more idealistic ending than we got, and I got VERY badly triggered by the climax scene. I had a panic attack that lasted for hours afterward. I still get nauseous and anxious thinking about it, but I hope more people will see it and have their eyes opened a bit. It’s important to sit with these feelings and confront them, no matter how painful. I had the exact same reaction to Blackkklansman.

  3. I saw this video this morning before work and immediately rented the movie as soon as I was home. Just finished watching it and wow. Thanks for doing this interview Trevor! I'm so glad I watched the movie and it's going to stay with me for a long while. Watching it again with the husband later tonight! Carey's performance was out of this world! Very important movie I hope everyone who watches it takes the time to understand its meaning.