President Joe Biden's inaugural address: Watch full speech video from Inauguration Day 2021 | ABC7

January 20, 2021 6 Views

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  1. lets just say that, when he cripples over and Kamala becomes president, everyone who cannot think critically for themselves will think its a great happening; our first woman president and of color, but yet our ignorance and being naïve doesn't prevail their plan for the new world order.

  2. Joey boy is on a roll. He just destroyed an entire Indian economy in Utah with the swipe of a pen. Democrat and progressive regrets: "but I thought it wuz fwee-dom's and stuffs". ? ? ? ? ?. I can't want until these people start eating each other alive over power grabs.

  3. There are the #TrumpPuppets who are brainless like they don't speak the truth to see that they don't care about the middle and poor the color or nationality. If they don't like our country they should go to Russia where they want you to shut up. Biden ? is the best and #FBI other sources have ZeroTolerance for anyone and their behavior of violence and misleading America like Trump did will be prosecuted to the fullest. There are billions of people here. Get along. #WNYC #NPR #CNN