5 Reasons Your Character Designs AREN'T Cute (And How to Fix It)

January 10, 2021 30 Views

The basics of how to design a cute character are probably one of the most well covered ground in character design. It’s the same advice over and over, and you’re most likely familiar with all of those ideas. But does that automatically mean that everyone that applies these ideas get universally successful cute characters? Well that’s why we’re here today. There’s 6 things that can still prevent your characters from being successfully cute. So let’s fix them.

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  1. One character I think nailed it on cuteness was Sally, from the Creepypasta fandom's.
    A petite 8 year old girl, with long wavy brown hair, and big green eyes.
    Usually seen wearing a light pink nightgown, with either white or even lighter pink ruffles around the bottom, neck, and cuffs of the sleeves. In addition to this, she's always seen carrying around a teddy bear. Personally, I believe that adds to the cuteness. Typically, we find it cute when a kid carries their stuffed animals around, or I do at least. It gives a sense of "Awe, she must really love that toy…"
    That's something I would recommend too, giving the character a cute accessory. Stuffed animal, hair pins, flowers, hats, ect. Those can all contribute to making a character cute.
    Physically at least.

  2. My favorite animal crossing characters are Ellie and Ribbot but I wouldn’t say that I like them because they’re “cute” visibly although I still really do love their designs. Personality is a big factor for me because it can really bring them out and make them unique in a way, even though there are other villagers with the exact same personality.

    I love how Ribbot is a small frog, (and a robot) but so determined to work out and help you, and that’s what makes him seem unique, whereas villagers like Raymond and Marshall seem almost the same?

  3. A character I feel written cute in the wrong way perfectly is Lil Gideon from Gravity Falls as he uses all these archetypes of a character being self aware rather than genuine, which complements the fact that he’s a liar and manipulator as shown through out the series and is a part of why Lil Gideon is one of my favorite villains ever.

  4. I hate modern Yoshi so much. He is SO creepy. Its especially bad since his OG design was actually adorable.
    And Yoshi's Crafted World is the most unnerving, unsettling video game ive ever seen. SO try-hard cute. Cant believe they didnt name it "Yoshis Cwafted Wowd".
    I expect it to manifest demons in my house.

  5. I love this explanation.

    While you were talking about identifying with a character, and the whole attraction thing, I thought about my character, Peterson.

    He's supposed to have blue eyes that are – to ladies – very attractive. But that goes against most everything else.

    He's 16, tall, lanky, unhealthy and pale, and doesn't sleep much, so he's got very dark circles under his eyes. His hair is really long, and suuuper curly. So he's far from what I personally would call "attractive," but maybe that's just me.

    Thank you for talking about this! I learned important things for my character designs!